Out of Hell 2 September 2004

  • The Isle of Man, "located in the British Isles and internationally recognized for its pro-business environment", announced it is attending the European Games Network (EGN) and ECTS to meet with North American and European companies interested in joining its growing technology community. For additional information on the Isle of Man visit the official website.
  • In a keynote speech today at the European Games Network (EGN) exhibition in London, Gerhard Florin, Managing Director and Senior Vice President of Electronic Arts, announced plans for games designed for play on mobile phones. In addition to EA's major investments in the Sony PSP, Nintendo DS and Nokia N-Gage, the company announced plans to build on the success of its franchises such as FIFA Football and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR.
  • VIA announced that on Friday 5th September, VIA will take part in an action packed event in London's Leicester Square from 11am to 5pm, as part of the ABIT Hardware Festival; VIA will host a one-hour, fun-filled presentation with exciting contests and an informative overclocking seminar. VIA will be highlighting the K8T800 Pro performance chipset, combining the performance on the AMD64 platform with a 1GHz Hyper-Transport chipset to processor interconnect, with support for VIA Vinyl Audio, native Serial ATA, multi-configuration V-RAID, as well as superior overclocking features, "fitting perfectly with the requirements of gamers who demand only the best".
  • The bestiary section of the upcoming UMMORPG Wish has received an update from the gnome historian Kitterwen, in which he examines one of the most feared Nadirak, the death fiend.
  • Gizmondo, the new handheld multi-entertainment device from Tiger Telematics will be showcased this week at the 2004 European Games Network (EGN), September 1 - 3, at ExCeL in London. The Gizmondo booth located at the Game Star Live stand C4, provide many attendees with the opportunity to experience the fully functioning gaming device for the first time. Gizmondo is a pocket-sized console which uses Bluetooth 2 and GPRS for multi-playing gaming. It's also an MP3 player, with SMS and MMS messaging facilities and high resolution digital camera, all accessed through Windows CE.NET operating system. The Gizmondo will be launched together with a variety of content including games with GPS function that incorporates a player's physical location into the game itself and ability to receive personalised adverts. For more information on content, technical specifications etc, visit official website.
  • Game Stars Live, the computer gaming exhibition which opened this week at Excel in London's Docklands, has just confirmed that the Kray Twins will play on the main stage on Friday featuring Ryan, of Blue fame. In addition, Lee Ryan will be making an appearance at the Gizmondo stand. The Kray Twins featuring Ryan will be performing 'Why', a remix of the Jadakiss track which recently went straight into the American Billboard album charts at No 1.
  • According to a new White Paper, Chicks and Joysticks: An Exploration of Women and Gaming, announced by ELSPA (the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association) during the European Games Network, the developer of the first computer program was a Victorian woman, Ada Lovelace (daughter of poet Lord Byron) who also predicted computer generated music. According to recent studies, the average age of the female gamer is older than the male at around 30-35 years of age. In addition, women have less time to play, however, the worldwide female audience has a potential €14billion of disposable income. In the US, Japan and Korea, women make up 39%, 36.8% and 65.9% respectively of gamers, as opposed to around 25% in Western Europe. Chicks and Joysticks: An Exploration of Women and Gaming will be available free-of-charge from 9th September 2004.
  • The world market for video games continues to grow at a faster rate than ever before, according to one of two new reports by analysts Screen Digest on behalf of ELSPA, the Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Over the last six years (1997 – 2003) the interactive leisure software market in the UK has grown by over 100 per cent, far outstripping cinema box office (30 per cent), VHS/DVD rental (14 per cent) and music retail which has actually fallen by 4.5 per cent over the same period. Compared to the rest of Europe, the UK console software market is larger than both France and Germany combined, despite the UK population being just under 60 million with the other two countries at over 140 million. Since 1995, over 25m dedicated gaming devices were sold in the UK (not including PC)
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