Xpand Rally Gone Gold

Techland announced today that its rally game Xpand Rally has gone gold and will be available in Europe on September 24th. There is still no decision made regarding the North American publisher although the game should be available soon via Internet stores - Strategy First is no longer the official publisher of Techland's games in North America (story). The retail version of Xpand Rally will offer a comprehensive career mode with over 70 races and more than 800 tuning parts for 35 rally cars. Multiplayer game with up to 4 players on LAN and Internet provides several racing modes including off road free style. "Photorealistic graphics, dynamic tracks surrounding, realistic car damage model and driver’s injuries simulation are the other hall marks of the game". For all moding enthusiasts a set of editing tools allowing the creation of users’ own tracks and cars is also provided with the game. Be sure to grab the multiplayer demo if you haven't done so yet.
Xpand Rally is a breathtaking game that gives you the true to life experience of driving powerful rally cars amidst photorealistic sceneries. Realistic weather effects, rolling hills, and animated scenery all add to game's visual perfection. Xpand Rally also features highly detailed models of modern rally cars and handling physics developed with the help of rally sport professionals which further enhance the realism of driving experience. Xpand Rally combines the best elements of Rally and Rally Cross racing in one unique gaming experience. The game offers a career mode based on time trials during both: individual races and World Championship Series which will satisfy traditional Rally fans. The Rally Cross fans won't be disappointed either - they can challenge several opponents in head to head racing during competitions based on real and fictitious race events. Xpand Rally, as the only title on the market, brings the economy factor into a rally game. The player starts with a junk car and competes in races to earn money and acquire upgrades, repair damage, tweak performance and pay the race entry fees. Along with the tuning-up, the car's condition affects its handling. Due to accurate damage system, it is highly dependent on the player's driving skills. The physical handling model is also influenced by car parts configuration and provides both authentic feel and joy of driving. The interactive race track surroundings with enhanced game physics and the innovative approach to changing daytime and weather conditions, both influencing the car handling, are other hallmarks of Xpand Rally that distinguish it from other racing games. For the first time among rally games Xpand Rally includes a complete set of easy-to-use editing tools enabling to create new tracks, cars or even game mods. Features: Thanks to the Chrome Engine 2004 technology, players can drive without any restrictions across vast, beautiful and extremely detailed terrains. Complex car physics simulation providing realistic driving experience. Car handling depending on: Individual car settings Car damage Surface type Weather conditions Realism of speed in the game Demanding AI opponents with different personalities and driving styles Various single player modes; Career (2 modes), single race, time trials, bonus tracks, special rules championships * Multiplayer Mode Up to 8 players simultaneously Internet and LAN game Split screen mode * Music and sounds prepared according to the latest technology and trends Realistic sound effects (sounds of the engine, brakes, crashes etc. based on real car sounds) Terrific soundtrack * Support for all available controllers Force feedback support Steering wheels, game pads and keyboards * Music and sounds prepared according to the latest technology and trends Realistic sound effects (sounds of the engine, brakes, crashes etc. based on real car sounds) Terrific soundtrack EAX support enhancing level of realism in the game

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