Out of Hell 9 October 2014

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. Following the successful launch of Velocity 2X on PS4 and PS Vita, FuturLab announced today that its games have been downloaded over a million times from PlayStation Store in Europe alone.

2. Arsène Wenger joined the Champ Man team on iOS and Android version, by lending his face to the campaign to underline the authenticity of the Champ Man experience.

3. Life of Pixel has been Greenlit on Steam, Super Icon announced. You play as Pixel, the inquisitive little green hero on a quest to explore where pixels began life. You journey through video game history collecting the bit-gems and unlocking each amazing game machine.

4. From right now until 10am PDT (6pm BST) on Friday 10 October you can purchase Carmageddon: Reincarnation via Steam Early Access for £11.99/$17.99/€14.99. Note that when you buy Carmageddon: Reincarnation Early Access, you also get Carmageddon Max Pack (which includes The Splat Pack sequel) and Carmageddon 2: Carpocalypse Now, for free. These two games can also be bought separately in the sale, with 40% off their RRP of £3.59/$5.99/€4.79).

5. 2K has released "An Evening with Sid Meier and Jake Solomon of Firaxis Games", an interview with legendary game designer Sid Meier, the director of creative development at Firaxis and the creator of the award winning Civilization franchise. As part of Firaxicon, the first official Firaxis Games convention, Sid Meier sat down with Jake Solomon for an in-depth discussion of his career.