Approaching Infinity Revealed, Demo/Screens Available

Explore a science-fiction universe of infinite possibilities
Shrapnel Games today announced Approaching Infinity, a single-player, turn based graphical sci-fi rogue-like game set in a unique and truly infinite universe; no level caps, no map limits. Using the classic trope of a man and his starship, the player begins with a captain and his vessel. Initially this vessel may seem like nothing more than a galactic scow, but over time components can be upgraded, skilled officers brought on board, and eventually fame and notoriety will follow.
Within space itself asteroids can be mined, pirates evaded, SOS beacons discovered, and more. Even exploration provides a reward, as data on the unknown can be sold. Your starship will encounter planets, drifting derelict starships, and alien embassies. Planets can hold treasure or death (or both). Away teams can discover ancient star temples, ruined cities, or monsters in the darkened corridors of a floating hulk. There are twelve alien races to interact with, each with their own quests. A full crafting mechanic is included, along with a nifty 'pay it forward' feature whereas a player can invest credits into future games.
Approaching Infinity was developed by Ibology - a demo and nine screenshots have been added in our download section.