Vampires! Released on Steam

For centuries they have terrorized the humankind but now they need your help
CBE Software, creators of Ghost in the Sheet and J.U.L.I.A, today announced that Vampires! it out now through Steam, for PC and Mac. The goal of the game is to lead vampires through the labyrinth and into their crypts. To do so, player has to rotate the labyrinth parts to create new paths or use garlic-based repellent and spider-net slowdown to prevent vampires from walking into peril.
While the initial premise sounds easy, the puzzles get complicated down the road when poor vampires have to face dangerous assassins, mobile wooden stakes, garlic sappers with the tourist club badges and rotating mirrors reflecting the light.
The Steam version of the game features Cloud saves, Steam Achievements, global leaderboards, an d per-level leaderboards for the best players, bringing an extra layer of challenge. In addition, some levels, that might have been a little bit too challenging, were streamlined, and the game was visually polished and technically improved.