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things-to-come has informed us that they launched the official website for LunarPilot, an addon for Microsoft Flight-Simulator 2004 which will be released this Fall - press 'read more' for details. The game's trailer which offers seven minutes of in-game footage is locally mirrored. Press 'read more' for details and screenshots. Local Download:
  • LunarPilot Trailer (25 MB)
  • things-to-come launches "LunarPilot - For Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004" website: LunarPilot is a computer flight simulation of the Lunar Landing Research Vehicle. The LLRV was originally developed by NASA and Bell Aerosystems in the 1960’s to prepare Apollo Astronauts for the moon landing. Unlike many experimental aircraft of the 1960's, the LLRV (Lunar Landing Research Vehicle) was never intended to represent an aviational prototype at all. It's only reason for existence was to accommodate and familiarize the Apollo astronauts with the attitudes of a rocket-powered vehicle that flies under distinctive non-aerodynamic regimes, such as those experienced during a lunar orbit and the ensuing touchdown. It is probably the most visionary hardware simulator ever built. Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong - first human to step onto the Moon's surface - said the mission would not have been successful without the type of simulation that resulted from the LLRV's. Nowadays, PC-power converts these rather dry historical facts into a comprehensible adventure. Welcome to LunarPilot. You are about to liftoff from the shoulders of a worldwide acclaimed flight simulation standard. Category: Software add-on for Microsoft Flight-Simulator 2004 Aircraft: •Ã‚ Bell Aerosystems LLRV Lunar Landing Research Vehicle Build 1 as highly detailled gmax-model with 2D/3DVirtual Cockpit •Ã‚ Fully implemented operative gauges/instrumentation •Ã‚ Operating CF-700-2V main engine and peroxide rockets •Ã‚ Authentic sounds and visual effects •Ã‚ Fully moving pilot figure •Ã‚ 3 different flight characteristics: easy, medium, realistic. •Ã‚ North American Mustang P-51D 'Fly me to the Moon'. Highly detailled and full equipped model by leading FS-designer Shigeru Tanaka, exclusively released and adapted for LunarPilot. Scenery: •Ã‚ Kennedy Space Center LTS (Lunar Terrain Simulator) in the vicinity of Launch Complex 39, covering approximately 1000 x 1000 yards of lunar surface. •Ã‚ Spaceville urbana with 1200 buildings, many of them landable. •Ã‚ LLRV Eastport Launchpad with retractable refueling dock. •Ã‚ Automated emergency escape tunnel from LTS. • Basic flight training court. Extras: •Ã‚ Comprehensive operation manual, historical facts and resources •Ã‚ Demo video including original soundtrack Distribution: •Ã‚ Available at things-to-come online shop as download or boxed version on CD Release: Fall 2004
    LunarPilot Trailer (24.95MB)