System Shock 2 Community Patch Deployed

SCP requires System Shock 2 patched to version 2.43 (NewDark) or higher, and it's highly recommended that you use SS2Tool to do it
This update was made with the intention to serve as an unofficial patch for System Shock 2 that delivers an authentic but also highly polished SS2 gameplay experience - hopefully approximating the form SS2 would have taken if Irrational had had a few more months to work on it before release. All changes have been made with the intent of respecting Irrational's original vision. The other goal of SCP is to upgrade SS2 to take advantage of the enhanced graphical features of the NewDark engine in those ways that are beyond the means of standalone mods.
Also included is a preview version of SHTUP-ND, highly recommended for use with SCP. Thanks: RPG Codex.