Arena Wars v1.07 German Patch

A new German patch for Arena Wars, the action/RTS game previously known as WebWars Arena (story) is now available for download. The update adds new maps and some gameplay tweaks and bugfixes (check full article for changelog). Be sure to check out both single-player and multiplayer demos if you haven't done so yet. Local Download:
  • Arena Wars v1.07 German Patch (2.9 MB)
  • Balance Changes: Decreased Spider Damage from 32/5 to 30/4 Decreased Upgraded Spider Damage from 36/7 to 34/5 Decreased Walker Damage from 5/46 to 4/45 (killing berserker a lot harder now) Decreased Upgraded Walker Damage from 7/70 to 6/70 (still good against destroyer) Increased Artillery Hitpoints from 292/665 to 399/731 Increased Upgraded Artillery Hitpoints from 452/771 to 505/851 Increased Item Respawn Time from 90 seconds to 100-120 seconds New items will respawn after 1 minute 40 seconds to 2 minutes, just letting units stay there is not very effective! Also changed start-respawn time from 30 seconds to: 40 seconds for green 45 seconds for red 50 seconds for yellow 60 seconds for blue Asteroid attack changed from 120/90 to 150/75 (now very effective against light hitpoints) asteroid attack range changed from 1.8 to 1.5 Ion cannon changed from 380/490 to 200/600 (now very effective against heavy hitpoints) ion cannon attack range changed from 1.75 to 1.5 Increased Upgrade building Hitpoints from 3192/1064 to 4655/1330 Buildings only take half the damage from Ion cannon or Asteroid attack now New Features New default map is Lost Temple (2on2, FFA, 1on1, all very much fun on this map ^^) New rename feature, just type /rename and you rename your player account! Only last item gets overwritten when collecting more than 5 items (does not cycle anymore) Also the positions are now fixed for all items, so you don't have to worry moving your mouse up/down when collecting new items. Connection test at login on server, you will get an message from the server if you are not reachable for other players. This helps a lot of people to see if their firewall settings are working. Show size of voice and webcam data when saving replay. New Pause Feature! Automatically showing lag-screen (Waiting for player if nothing received last game turns) You can also pause the game yourself, every player is able to pause the game once! Every player can continue the game if he wants to All players will be put in same channel is player number is low. Allow players to stay much longer active on server (+20 days instead of +10 days now) now players stay active for at least 20+games*2 days! "Blocky" game feature in pause, very cool Unit icons are now at the bottom of screen, noone looks above! Show all server players in channel list (if less than 64 players), even the ones currently in a game! New Maps New maps (check out the MapsNewMaps folder): Lost Temple Aura Oasia Last Crusade We also put some 1on1, 2on2, BR and DD maps in the multiplayer folder (from the other folders), this way its much easier to select maps quickly Fixes Fixed OpenGL initializiation code for WinMe and old drivers ("Overflow or underflow in the arithmetic operation" error in glSet3DCtxt) any errors when setting current context are now ignored after the first successful initializiation. Dunno why, but some old drivers (ATI, SiS) just respond errors, but do continue to work anyway, just strange! Fix bug with units staying around and not shooting, especially when coming out of the teleporter This happend only at rally point, now all units come out with an attackmove order (which is very good to defend of units staying near our start position) Fixed upgrade building bug in gladiator (2on2 ctf map) in lower right Fixed wglMakeCurrent exception on WinMe: FatalError: System.ArithmeticException: Overflow or underflow in the arithmetic operation. German language bug "Spieler ist derzeit "Online"" was shown after player went offline German language bug: "Oberserver" instead of "Observer"? Fixed replays dates, not longer always current date, which is wrong! Made generated font bigger for russian, but not to big for e.g. korean! Black buggies bug, load other texture first (now another unimportant texture is now loaded)! Autosave does now work correctly in SP, Comps are not counted, using the mission name now. Fixed voice stuff, if something does not work, just disable/enable voice with clicking on the icon to reinitialize! Send voice and webcam data only if connection to player is ok Fixed network error after logo upload and webcam/voice problems, was not shown, game stopped Buggy can't no longer jump out of maps, its now impossible to select anything outside the map! New generate AW logo pic feature if importing images from anywhere on the harddisc The image gets automatically get resized and imported into your playerlogos directory (including the option to grayscale it and adding contrast to make it better visible)! Away, Dnd, DndF Modes (in chat) and GameModes (in replay manager) are now readable again! Improved patcher and fixed update language issues, does not output heavy errors for patches when just language file was missing! Fixed first start screen for longer strings (french) fixed country selection in player profile fixed server update (was always reseted to global country) fixed transparency at display, made country image bigger fixed problem with long names in german Allow only updated clients to join server (only v1.0.7 and later is allowed) Fixed bug found by russians in sp with name/map/mode descriptions also fixed " of " language bug in game when showing unit help fixed bug when Lan text in menu graphics where longer than in english (rest was cut off) fixed main menu graphics reloading when changing language Fixed bug that displayed team names when watching ffa games/replays Fixed last second joining error when hosting if some player was joining in the last second before the game started, he might get added by the host (most likly as an observer), but it is not guranteed that he will stay in the game. for this reason the host will only allow fully connected players allow to participate in the game (all players are checked anyway when starting). Fixed Reverse connection, loading 0% bug (found by starlight) Also changed it from 10s to 4s for reverse connection initiation. Fixed Starting own game bug (found by starlight) and then getting kicked Fixed: when lagging, its not possible to continue, voice did continue to work. Fixed: after kick host did get lose (somehow both reported win, no disc) If both report win anyway (both disc, but still online), take player with most score/points This fix includes also some other fixes with wrong game reporting, which still happend in v1.0.6 Fixed: starlight tank beam bug (teleporting directly from flag into warpgate when exit is blocked) Now teleport does no longer go directly to own flag (which was very strange ^^) Fixed: Rebuild lag screen handling, when game ends we often see lag screen, also reporting is wrong Fixed bug found with help of razamb when joining game, leaving and the other players play a normal game, we get still win/loss for it! Fixed: Only getting 5 points instead of 6 when playing against one with 1 point less Fixed: logo download in replay from replay player, wtf? Fixed: Lag screen kick is now a real kick, only host can kick (in Beta1 only the second click really kicked player)! Fixed editor importing heightmap and texturemap (several bugs, found by Phunction) Warning: Replays are not longer compatible, you can still load and play them back but you get a warning message when loading an older replay than v1.0.7. Obviously v1.0.7 replays can't be played with earlier versions (v1.0.0-v1.0.6) Fixed buggy mipmapping loading (buggy was little to sharp in beta1 ^^) 2on2 tested in Beta3 (thanks to Kugelf@ng+robobob), works now smooth even with some lag Fixed return from Auto-Away, works now when typing or clicking anything. Changed copy protection for the french final version, also changed behaviour for demos and stuff. The new copy protection check is now a little bit faster and causes less problems when loading.