Spellforce v1.38 Patch

JoWooD Productions has released a new patch for Spellforce: The Order of Dawn, bringing this RPG/RTS by Phenomic Games to v1.38. The same patch for the owners of the addon The Breath of Winter is also available for download, along with a new version of the game's editor. Thanks: 3DGamers. GamersHell.com Local Download:
  • Spellforce: The Order of Dawn v1.38 Patch (59.4 MB)
  • Spellforce: The Breath of Winter v1.38 Patch (39.6 MB)
  • Spellforce: The Order of Dawn v1.38 Patch (7.5 MB)
  • Changelog: While storing, it sometimes occurred that the program crashed, displaying the error message "buffersize too small". This no longer occurs. Sometimes certain savegames crashed when patch 1.35 was installed via SpellForce TOoD without the addon. These savegames now function properly with patch 1.38. Sometimes during Freeplay mode, the Avatar was declared invalid while loading, if the player died right after rising one level, and then saved the game. This no longer occurs. Languages were mixed up on computers when players with differing language versions played against each other. Problems with Fog Spell have been fixed. Problems occurring in special cases when using the spells "Dominate" and "Charm" have been fixed. The random function responsible for choosing the loot didn’t pick certain items at all. This has been fixed. A display problem wiith TFT displays that are called via DVI has also been fixed