Alien Swarm v1.2

Black Cat Games, the team behind Thievery UT and the upcoming Nightblade has released a new version of Alien Swarm, their total conversion mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. "Alien Swarm is a top down, tactical shooter for 1-8 players. Choose from eight marines, with different specialties - medical, technical or weapons specialists. Fight off the Swarm to increase your skills and earn medals of valor for superior performance. Control multiple marines, or just one. Play by yourself or cooperatively with your friends. Play single missions, or the full campaign". Thanks: Blues. Local Download:
  • Alien Swarm v1.2 (121.9 MB)
  • Make sure you have patch 3270 or higher installed. 3270 Windows patch 3270 Linux patch New Features: The Ortega Campaign by DusKer, featuring 6 new missions. New single missions: Aspirant and SynTek Bio Labs. New extra equipment: NV Goggles, Incendiary Grenades, Stun Grenades and Sarge's favourite. Imported new medic/reload/ammo lines for Wildcat. Bug fixes/tweaks: Added key binds for dropping ammo from the ammo bag. A kicked player will no longer be able to rejoin during the same round. Player names are forced to be unique. Fixed a button exploit (the elevator on Ao-Rescue). Fixed various map exploits on Ao-Research. Fixed the shotgun infinite ammo bug. Fixed miscellaneous crashes. Stun grenades (hand and P-Rifle) affect marines for a shorter durataion. Protected some debug functions that could disrupt play. Fixed the 95/96 ammo bug with the rifles which would cause unnecessary reload at the start of the game sometimes. Fixed the sentry gun turning bug on dedicated servers. Microphone icon appears on the HUD over a marine who is speaking over voice chat. Players can't start a vote twice quickly in succession (to prevent a kick vote against them). Quick how-to Install Unreal Tournament 2004. Patch to version 3270. (Linux | Windows) Start UT, load up an instant action map. (DM-Albatros or something.) Quit UT2004 and unzip the 1.2 file in the ut2004 dir (And confirm overwrite on each file if you're migrating from 1.1). So you end up with a dir /ut2004/AlienSwarm/ Run Alien Swarm. Die.:)
    Alien Swarm v1.2 (121.9MB)