AirBuccaneers v1.0

The team behind AirBuccaneers has released a new version of their Unreal Tournament2004 mod. "It contains a new multiplayer game type with hot air balloons, cannons, airmines and various other pseudo ancient gadgets. The game is a compelling combination of graceful air ballet, fierce pirate-like action and 3D tactical manoeuvring. AirBuccaneers is targeted for novice 3D gamers, but offers plenty of challenge for veteran team players as well". Local Download:
  • AirBuccaneers v1.0 (190.3 MB)
  • Highlights of the new release: - New scoring system, all maps use the same booty-based system - Custom pirate-themed voice actors with over a hundred phrases !!! - 4 unique characters with lots of custom animations and detailed skins - Improved models and textures for most weapons - Gameplay tweaks and balancing - All maps polished and optimized - More punishment for the TK'ers - Basecannons added - HUD completely redone - Glider added, helps to get to the own battleship quickly - Awards reworked completely - Many small changes, for example additional rope hanging point in battleship, cannon aimers take damage, bot AI tweaks, tougher times for the land loitering folks, new intro, bots messing up cannon rotation when leaving cannon aimer position fixed, etc. - Lots of new graphics - Many bugfixes and a lot of polishment.
    AirBuccaneers v1.0 (190.3MB)