Chaos Reborn Gets Steam Early Access, Video/Screens Unveiled

From the creator of the original X-COM
Chaos Reborn is a quick paced turn based strategy game from Julian Gollop, the creator of the original X-COM. In Chaos Reborn 2 to 4 wizards battle for dominance on a hex based map. The weapons at their disposal are a mixture of creatures they summon to do their bidding and a massive variety of spells. Each creature and spell has a chance of success and can be used only once. Each creature may be summoned as an illusion with a 100% chance of success, but can then be "disbelieved" by the enemy wizards, destroying it instantly. The cherries on top of this sundae of magic are that each spell may shift the alignment of the board towards chaos or law, making the associated spells easier to cast and each wizard can bring powerful staves, which can further influence their odds or give them special abilities.
The Steam Early Access version of Chaos Reborn will feature a variety of multiplayer PvP matches with truly random wizards and spells. Later versions will allow your wizard to progress through a single player campaign and unlock different abilities and staves that will let you influence your spells and strategies.
A video and lots of screenshots are available for your viewing pleasure.