Dizzel Launched

Dizzel has been fully loaded with new maps, characters, weapons and game mechanics for its full launch
OGPlanet announced that the full version of Dizzel, a hardcore, action shooter developed by Neowiz Games and NS Studio, is available now on both Steam and OGPlanet.com. Set in the not too distant future, Dizzel promises non-stop, heart-pumping action through a variety of unique maps and game modes. Resembling the over-the-shoulder shooter style of Gears of War, Dizzel bolsters a variety of powerful weapons, from assault rifles and shotguns to massive swords and axes, to slay your enemies.
In the Annihilation mode, the players take turns hunting down their foes as mechanized war machines. These killer sentinels know no mercy as they laugh at your attempts to destroy them with mere bullets while chopping you in two with their mighty war axe or combat blade. For the more traditional shooter fans, Dizzel comes equipped with a standard array of other game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Demolition as well.