CodeRED Alien Arena Beta 2c Patch

A new patch for the beta version of CodeRED: Alien Arena is now available for download (press 'read more' for changelog). The game, which combines tournament style deathmatch of Quake 3: Arena with the universe of CodeRED, can be played as single player as well, advancing through the levels by defeating bots. The initial release contains six levels, and you can choose from five unique characters. Additional levels and characters will be made available in the future. CodeRED: Alien Arena will be released later this fall. Local Download:
  • CodeRED Alien Arena Beta 2c Patch (5.3 MB)
  • This is the final beta release of the game, until the full game is released later this fall. All major planned features are implemented, this will serve as a final test of the bot and net code. New features for the beta are: 1. Improved bot ai - bots are no longer "automatically" aware as you enter a room, they must see or hear you. You can sneak up on a bot if he's running with his back to you. If you get within a close range(200 units), the bot will then hear you coming. The combat skills have been greatly improved as well. 2. Pathing files for levels that needed it. 3. Bot Configurater program - now you can edit individual bot's skill levels, awareness, preferred weapon, individual weapon accuracy and overall accuracy. Skill levels range from 0(easy) to 2(difficult). The default is 1, which is comparable to the original bot's skill. 4. In game server browser now gets server lists from the COR master in addition to address books and local. No need for external server browser. The beta contains 8 levels, out of a planned 15, and 5 player characters to choose from.