Sands of War v1.3

A new version of Sands of War, a Half-Life mod set in the future, has been released (thanks: PlanetHalf-Life). The update adds new map, removes health and armor from backpacks, majorly improves LQ versions of all weapons and more (check full story for details). Local Download:
  • Sands of War v1.3 (47.9 MB)
  • Changes/Additions: ------------------ - New map: SoW_riyaq - Updated map: SoW_nbz *New CoDe spawn, spawn protection and better textures - Updated map: SoW_hangar *Replaced crates with real detail, added structures and trees to the desert, fixed basement flag exploit and improved Aim spawn. - Manual! - Majorly improved LQ versions of all weapons. Huge performance gains! - MP3 entity! - New skin for the PSG1. - Added mapcycling - Updated sow.fgd to version 1.15 *Added support for mp3 playing entity, fixed door blocking, removed unused classes, changed some standard values and descriptions, added 3 new game entities - Slowed down sprinting - When changing team you only die if you aren't allready dead. - Changed so it says "1 player" in teaminfo instead of "Players: 1". - New way of showing the flags on the HUD - Instead of "0" in latency it now says "Host". - Entity respawn! (breakables still don't reset). - Removed health and armor from backpacks - Removed "new game" option in Steam - Replaced the ugly crosshairs - Crosshairs are smaller and has a better rendering mode - Minor updates to title.txt - Added "n" (end line) to some error/console messages. - Flag capture gives 1 flag instead of 2 frags - Delay before reseting the game after every flag has been captured (mp_newrounddelay) - Freeze time when all flags have been captured and all players have respawned (mp_freezetime) - When selecting team you can no longer select to be spectator by pressing '6' - Delay when proning before you can deprone again. - You can now zoom with the OICW (secondary fire). - Moved the weaponbox away from the radar. - Warehouse and Tigris did not meet the high SoW standards and have therefore been removed Bug fixes: ---------- - Fixed eye position on Walther - Fixed loading SoW_desertmines - Fixed missing sprite for SoW_tigris - Fixed a bug related to being stuck when spawning - Autoassign team now works. - Team specific weapon models are now all selected acording to team instead of class. - Now you don't drain stamina, when you push the sprint key, unless you're moving. - Removed unused flag and map models - Removed crosshair on PSG 1 while not zooming - Bound classmenu and selectteam to "o" and "p" as default - Fixed file extension for Desertmines info text. - Fixed invisible tripmine laser - The dead will now rest in peace (no more spinning corpses) - Removed Infrared from key bindings, as it dont exist in SoW
    Sands of War v1.3 (47.85MB)