Galactic Conquest v0.42 Patch

The Galactic Conquest team has launched a small patch for their Star Wars themed mod for Battlefield 1942. The update adds Gunship and ATST-V to droid repair list, fixes exploit that players could get inside the Static Runner, adjusts the droid spawn times, changed the armor on the mouse droid control so it can be destroyed with blasters (check full story for details). Local Download:
  • Galactic Conquest v0.42 Patch (2.2 MB)
  • Note: 4.2 is a patch file, and requires a Release 4 full install. Release 4.2 fixes: ------------------ -Removed damage effect from Gas grenades to fix exploit problems. They are now only good for cover as smoke grenades. This is a quick fix, and the medic will get a new full featured replacement in Release 5. They are also no longer reloadable, to fix a server spamming problem. -New T3B and Firehawke projectile effect, easier to track and see. -Fixed Bespin clipping exploit, around the platform. -Fixed a server crash on Mon Calamari caused by the Waveskimmer. -Temporarily removed E-Web station from Lok, Anchorhead, for balance reasons. -New texture for hoth plates. (Trench) -Skiff added to Tatooine rebel starting spawn, increased to 4 possible land speeders at each landspeeder spawn for better transportation. -Added Gunship and ATST-V to droid repair list, droids may now repair them like any other craft. -Droid wrecks/TL wrecks temporarily removed to fix a random client crash bug. They now just explode. -Fixed a bug with the Judicature min-map not correctly showing. -Imperial Landing craft now auto-crews on spawn inside, so if in flight, you won't harm the passengers. -Fixed a bug in the handling of the Landspeeder with E-web attachment. Now a lot easier to drive. -Fixed a bug with one of the ladders not being climbable at the Starports. -Adjusted the droid spawn times, changed the armor on the mouse droid control so it can be destroyed with blasters. Other droid spawners require rockets, grenades, or detpacks. -Fixed the MIAU scouting bug. Should now correctly show the scout screen when aiming artillery. -Fixed a network code problem with the Carrack Cruiser. -Created a standard fleet class for all soldiers on Taskforce, with a pistol and repair tool. Boarding is still a viable tactic, but it's much harder to to camp the ship's limited spawn points areas. -Echo trolley smoothed polys, for better look and texture. -New Taskforce skymap, reduced the problem seeing ships. -Fixed several Bespin and Tatooine building wallhack bugs. DeathStar: ---------- -Objective made slightly harder to hit. -Adjusted Empire soldier spawn points. Beggars Canyon: --------------- -Made it so any team can take any tank. -Added 1 more landspeeder to Downed Runner and they spawn 2 for a total of 6 in 30 seconds. -Removed TIE fighter from Canyon Pass (if the rebels capture the point they get a skyhopper). -Added Skiff to the back trail of Canyon Pass (nice transport for getting to tusken fort). -Slightly adjusted tickets. Ticket count slightly lowered, rebels start with a few more tickets and bleed is 1 per minute lower. -Added Vehicle ammo to the Lost City so the tanks and gunship have somewhere to reload. -Fixed exploit that players could get inside the Static Runner. -Terrain flattened out here and there. -Alarms and smoke added to downed runner. Mon Calamari: ------------- -Made Skimmers/Amph spawn only 1 boat. Felt that 2 per spawn was overkill and could cause them to spawn on top of each other if slightly moved. -Added 2 more amph spawns (1 more at each of the southern points). -Renamed the Control points, instead of city_access 1,2,3,4 they are. Southern Habitat, Southern Pump Station, City Pump Station, City Dock. -Slightly moved the flags so they aren’t inside the meshes. -Removed the e-web full stations that fell through ground. -Fixed problem with flag beam called in debugger. Hoth: ----- -Fixed echo exploits. -Holes in the ground in the back of echo base fixed. -Floating trench lights fixed. -Brought Echo flag into the control room instead of under it. -Hoth sun rotated into the correct position. Enjoy!