3DStriptease Released

Tipping Rock Studios announced that 3DStriptease, "the world's first immersive, interactive 3D Strip Shooter", is now available for purchase from the official website. 3DStriptease is a FPS game in which two dancers, Kitty, the Schoolgirl, and Star, the Cheerleader, remove their clothes in a race against the clock. Your "task" is trying to keep enough money in your wallet to watch the full show and join our girls for a private show in the VIP Room. The demo version can be found here - new screenshots have been inserted in our gallery.
3DStriptease F.A.Q.s Q. What is this game all about? A. 3DStriptease is a first-person action game that pits you in a race against the clock to get the dancer undressed! Q. You mean there's nudity? A. Yes, provided you're good enough to win the level. Q. What is this game rated? A. 3DStriptease is rated "AO" or adults only for nudity. Q. Where can I buy 3DStriptease? A. 3DStriptease is sold exclusively through our website Q. When is it coming out? A. Soon! Summer 2004 Q. How is 3DStriptease different from other adult titles? A. Our title is actually a game, not a visualization program or interactive DVD-ROM. While some products have offered real-time and pre-rendered 3D strippers before, none have been paired with immersive and challenging first-person gameplay like 3DStriptease. Q. I like the Cowgirl, but will there be other dancers? A. We have 5 dancers lined up, and feel that they offer something for everyone. Q. Do you plan to feature male dancers? A. 3DStriptease appeals to gamers who like female dancers. If there is adequate demand, we may consider male dancers in a future title. Q. Do the dancers actually change clothes? A. Yes! There are 9 unique meshes and texture changes to simulate the various states of undress, plus animations and cutscenes for each stage. Q. Who made this game? A. Believe it or not, 3DStriptease is a 2-man operation in Seattle, Washington. Our game was made with the Reality Factory Open-Source game development system with the Genesis3D engine. Q. Why should I purchase 3DStriptease, when I can probably copy it from some dark corner of the internet? A. Please don't steal this game. If you do, we won't be able to continue offering improvements to the content and graphics. We've worked hard on 3DStriptease and are doing our best to offer it to you as inexpensively as possible.