New Features for Heroes of Newerth

New quest system and game mode
S2 Games has announced that two new in-game features will be added to its multiplayer online brawler Heroes of Newerth on January 29. The War Effort is a quest system designed to reward players for completing daily objectives. Blitz is a mode that encourages an onslaught of offensive action with gameplay mechanics such as reduced hero cool down timers and lower mana costs.
Specifically to participate in the War Effort, players must complete quests presented in Heroes of Newerth's in-game user interface (UI). Two quests will remain active concurrently, until an objective is fulfilled. Once completed, another quest will appear and players will earn reputation points for their efforts.
Reputation points earned can be used to unlock satchels and chests, which contain a variety of in-game products ranging from gold and silver coins that can be used to purchase avatars, voice packs, and more, to exclusive event goodies. The 14th and final unlockable container houses the Treasure of Champions - a chest with the War Effort's most prestigious prizes.