Alliance of Valiant Arms Open Beta Begins in South America

A.V.A is a fast paced first person shooter where players can join either the EU or NRF forces to complete their mission by eliminating the opposing team
Rock Hippo Games sent over a press release announcing that their First Person Shooter game, Alliance of Valiant Arms (A.V.A) is now open to everyone in South America for free. Players can register for an account and download the game at the official website.
The Open Beta version offers eleven maps gamers (Hammer Blow, Cannon, Scorpion etc.) and five game modes (Demolition, Breach, Annihilation, Military Simulation and AI War). Moreover, "Welcome to the Club" promotion will give away a Beretta 92FS Golden Gomorra pistol to all players. This will be a permanent and exclusive reward for all the soldiers who will participate in the Open Beta.