Out of Hell 31 January 2015

They didn't get to make their own news
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1. SEGA of America (SOA) has announced its move from San Francisco to Southern California amid a downsizing of the business that will begin from January 2015 to early summer. Relocation packages are being offered to a number of employees, but there will be positions reduced from the company to streamline operations. The total number of employees affected by this move will be realized after the complete transition is finalized in early summer.

2. After evaluating more than 250 entries, Bohemia Interactive unveiled the 50 finalists in Bohemia Interactive’s €500,000 Make Arma Not War contest. In the Singleplayer Game Mode category, the finalists were selected by Arma 3 players, who were able to vote for their favorite entries. In the other categories, the finalists were selected by Bohemia Interactive themselves. The entries that have made it into the next round will be evaluated by the Make Arma Not War jury - consisting of Bohemia Interactive representatives and other industry professionals. The winners will be announced in March 2015.

3. Torquemada Games announced the release of another set of HD remastered opponents from the Video Strip Poker Supreme. This time following girls will play strip poker in HD with you: Katerina, Maria, Melissa, Sunday and a hot duo: Wandy and Dawn.