Arena Wars v1.08 Patch

A new patch for Arena Wars, the action/RTS game previously known as WebWars Arena (story) is now available for download. The update changes Item Respawn Time back from 100-120 seconds to 90-110 seconds, fixes upgrade building damage bug, changes Destroyer teleport special reload time from 45s to 50s and more (check full article for changelog). Be sure to check out both single-player and multiplayer demos if you haven't done so yet. Local Download:
  • Arena Wars v1.08 Patch (2.5 MB)
  • v1.0.8 was released 2004-09-23. It fixes only some problems with v1.0.7 and has additional support for the new french and russian versions. Balance Changes: Changed Item Respawn Time back from 100-120 seconds to 90-110 seconds Also changed start-respawn time back to similar times (e.g. green is now same time as in v1.0.6): 30 seconds for green 35 seconds for red 40 seconds for yellow 50 seconds for blue Changed Destroyer teleport special reload time from 45s to 50s. Changed Upgraded Destroyer teleport special reload time from 60s to 65s. Changed Number of times Upgraded Destroyers can teleport from 3x to 2.5x (you have to wait a short while before teleporting again after 2 teleports). New Features French demo got now french mission texts, removed also some graphic texts in german/english for better localization. Increased effect sizes for the Multiplayer Ping, Attack Box, Selection Box and Message Box effects on the minimap, better visible now. Fixes Fixed black screen freze in v1.0.7 when no cd was inserted (demo mode), but singleplayer was clicked in the full version (in demo this worked). Fixed bug with localized versions (french/russian/etc.) when bombing run or double domination was called differently, now all modes work fine in singleplayer! Fixed upgrade building damage bug, units did only a percentage of the damage to the upgrade building. Now units make normal damage against upgrade buildings again (seems like this bug was caused by the changed Upgrade building damage range to make Ion-Cannon and Asteroid-Attack weaker in v1.0.7). Fixed problem in pause/lag mode which made it impossible to chat until the game was continued. Now the replay-chat feature is used in pause/lag mode, it will not be recorded into the replay and will even work if some players are disconnecting or having connection problems. Observers can't continue the game anymore if player paused the game (only players can unpause if player paused). Fixed initialized webcam which did continue to work even when just disabled in options. Fixed exception when map loading failed (player initialization failed) Esc does not abort loading if loading just started (will not abort loading if under 5%).