Dungeons and Dragons Online First Screens

Turbine Entertainment Software has launched the official website for Dungeons & Dragons Online, offering screenshots (added in our gallery), a FAQ section, the first developer diary and other assets for this MMORPG which will be released by Atari in 2005. Thanks: Warcry. Be sure to check out the first movie featuring one minute and a half of in-game footage.
Turbine has teamed up with Wizards of the Coast and Atari, Inc. to bring the incredibly popular gaming universe of Dungeons & Dragons® (D&D®) to the world of online role playing games with Dungeons & Dragons® Online. This innovative online world will be the first project developed, funded and run by Turbine Entertainment Software, creators of the critically acclaimed Asheron's Call and Asheron's Call 2. Dungeons & Dragons Online will provide players with the definitive online Dungeons & Dragons experience, complete with dramatic dungeon crawling, terrifying monster combat, challenging puzzles and character advancement. Slated for release in 2005, Dungeons & Dragons Online is centered on robust character advancement and challenging dungeon combat. Players choose and develop a character based on some of the iconic races associated with D&D, including Humans, Elves and Halflings, as well as classes such as Fighters, Clerics, Rogues and Wizards - after which they can socialize, find quests, group together and equip themselves for future battles. Dungeons & Dragons Online will let players travel alone or in parties as they explore the seemingly endless dungeon complexes found beneath the world. Through the dungeons, players will engage in physical and magical combat with hideous foes straight from the pages of the Monster Manual™ rulebook. Battle will be challenging, fast-paced, and easy to control with a wealth of unique weapon effects and character movements, as well as specific monster behaviors designed to keep combat both tactical and action packed.