Richard Burns Rally v1.01 Patch

The first patch for Richard Burns Rally, the first true rally simulation game released in Europe by SCi Entertainment Group at the end of this month, is now available for download. The update fixes various issues in replays, improves performance and framerate in some areas, removes some general sound instability issues and more (press 'read more' for changelog). For details about the game, read our preview. Local Download:
  • Richard Burns Rally v1.01 Patch (4.7 MB)
  • Richard Burns Rally(tm) 1.01 Update """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" This patch can be applied to all versions of Richard Burns Rally including Czech and Polish versions. NOTES TO MOD USERS """""""""""""""""" - It is recommended that any user modifications that have been installed to the Richard Burns Rally directory be removed before installing this update. These modifications are not supported by SCi Games and may not be compatible with some of the new features that are included. Fixes and updates """""""""""""""" - Fixes Thrustmaster compatibility issues. Users will need the latest Thrustmaster drivers (10.0.5) from • Including FORCE FEEDBACK with various Thrustmaster wheels* • XP Users of affected hardware with ‘ServicePack2’ MUST update to the latest Unified Wheel Drivers available at - Fixed general sound instability issues. • Including Creative EAX issues • Crash SFX which caused game lockups on some hardware - Fixed various issues in replays. • Including Front Wheel Movement - Fixed various localisation issues. • In all languages including French/German/Italian/Spanish/Polish/czech - Improved performance and framerate in some areas. • Including many ATi Video Card ‘tearing’ issues - Fixes some DVD incompatibility problems. • For many of the newer models of DVD+/- Drives