Liege PAX East 2015 Video and Screens

Coda Games will be exhibiting this tactical RPG in the Indie Megabooth at PAX East from March 6-8, 2015 in Boston
Coda Games has revealed a new video and seven screenshots for ;strong>Liege, a cross-platform tactical RPG planned as a trilogy with a continuous story arc. Following the King's death at the game’s opening, players track the converging paths of a diverse cast of characters, from powerful nobles vying for the throne, to former commanders and agents of the late king, to an underground movement of outlaws with plans to incite revolution amidst the chaos.
The gameplay focuses on strategic placement of units and movement, and is inspired by games like FF Tactics, Fire Emblem, and chess. Like chess, combat in Liege is designed to be easy to learn, difficult to master. Instead of a tutorial, the mechanics are taught to you through a sequence of actual battles at the start of the game (which will not feature a "voice from God" cutting in with on-screen instructions). You may lose a few battles early on, and you'll need to apply your wits to start getting the hang of things.