Void War Demo

Rampant Games has released a demo version for Void War, an action space combat game which features 6 different playable ships, each with unique weapons and movement capability. The multiplayer mode includes team play and deathmatch, and the single-player modes include a free-for-all practice mode, and a campaign game sends you on an adventure through deadly battlefields against unique opponents. GamersHell.com Local Download:
  • Void War Demo (10.6 MB)
  • Void War has been released! Download the free demo today at: http://www.voidwar.com or http://www.rampantgames.com/voidwar.html For the first month, we are offering the game at a $5 discount... $19.95 instead of $24.95. The full version of the game offers MUCH more fun opportunity for wild space combat action including: * No time limit on gameplay * Six playable ships with different unique combat abilities * Several different multiplayer battlefields beyond the three offered in the demo * An extended single-player campaign with a full storyline and multiple unique 'boss' enemy ships and special levels. Contest Winners Congratulations to SEVERAL contest winners - we're excited to see you up in the skies! John Sparrow won PC Game World's quote contest. He got his name and quote in the credits of Void War, and also won a free copy of the game. Congratulations to the winners of our Newsletter subscription contest. I didn't get confirmations from everyone - but you should all have a license in your email. Please contact me if you haven't received it, or are having troubles with the link: Ferko, Brian Hacking, Sorin, KnightG, Marc, Eric "Erasor" Peterson, Scott "SPAMtm" Krol, Shifter, Nemesis, Gianfranco Berardi, and others who I haven't received permission to post their names here. We hope you enjoy your free copy of Void War and tell all your friends about it! (Hey, we have near-zero marketing budget, so we need all the word-of-mouth we can get!) Void War Hints and Tips: * Auto-taunts: In multiplayer, you can auto-taunt other players by hitting the F1-F8 keys. You can customize these taunts by going into the directory where you installed Void War and modifying the "taunts.txt" file. If you use the macro "%s", it will substitute the name of your currently targeted opponent in that spot. * Dodging missiles: Rapid rolling (with the A and D keys, by default) can cause missiles to lose track of you. They will still be locked onto you, but may not turn properly for a few seconds. It's not a perfect defense, but if you are stuck out in the open when the "Missile Inbound" warning flashes, turn so that the missile is to the side of you, hit the thrusters, and roll. It's better than nothing. * Stealth Pick-ups and the Nighthawk - the Nighthawk is just an EVIL EVIL ship when combined with Stealth pick-ups. One of my favorite tricks is to grab a stealth pick-up, which takes me off radar and breaks all locks, and then hit Hyperspace. Your opponent will probably have no clue where you went until he figures out where all those lasers are coming from! * Maximum Damage in the Firebolt: Two of the Firebolt's shield-draining missiles will fire towards random targets in front of you. If you can maneuver the firebolt so that all other opponent ships are behind you except for your target, you can make sure all three missiles track a single enemy ship. This ensures maximum damage potential. * Fighting the Tigershark: Note his special attack, and figure out how to counter it. All of the boss ships in the game have different special abilities, and the tricks you use to defeat one may be totally different from the tricks you will need to use to fight the other. * Cover: The best defense against any attack in Void War is cover. Only a few special attacks will hurt you from behind the cover of a piece of debris or a space station. So always fly with an eye towards your nearest 'escape route' to the safety of some kind of cover.
    Void War Demo (10.54MB)