Chaos League v1.04 Patch

The Chaos League retail patch 1.04 is now ready for download - check full story for list of changes/fixes. This real-time sports strategy game was already released in UK by Digital Jesters. Chaos League was developed by Cyanide and features 9 races covering 70 different types of players, 170 spells and skills, several gameplay modes (solo, Quick Match, career, multi-player), and more. Local Download:
  • Chaos League v1.04 Patch (14.7 MB)
  • The latest patch for Chaos League is now ready for download, this will bring everyones version of Chaos League to version 1.04. The feature list for patch 1.04 is below as well as the link to download the patch: - Match Correction to bug that allowed the red team to never be tackled - Match It is now easier to attack a player who is in the process of stamping on a player on the ground. - Multi Ladder made more reliable - Match A team placement setting saved as a red team was wrongly reloaded as a blue team and vice versa. - Game Improvement to speed of game starting up (depending on PC config) * Match Orc lineman and Mercenary Orc lineman lose Pickpocket as default and gain Sharp Sight. They lose Ground Hold and gain Pickpocket in career mode. * Match The Barbarian Linebacker loses Hysteria and gains Bold as default. He loses Bold and gains Hysteria in career mode. * Match Dwarf lineman and Mercenary Dwarf lineman lose Veteran as default. They lose Piercing Eye and gain Veteran in career mode. * Match Darkmoon’s price goes up by 10 000 GPs * Match Left Hammer loses Sissy as default and his price drops by 10 000 GPs. He loses Mocking and gains Sissy in career mode. * Match Goldorick loses Destroying Hit as default. He loses Critical Hit and gains Destroying Hit in career mode. * Match Vanubis loses Mighty Blow and Destroying Hit as defaults. He loses Bold and Aggressor but gains Mighty Blow and Destroying Hit in career mode. * Match Albinos loses 10 Savagery points, but gain 10 in Speed. * Match Mercenary prices have been increased by 5 000 GPs * Match The duration of the Speed Aura, Injuries Immunity, Armour and Awkward spells, as well as their upgrades, has been increased. * Match Following these changes many teams many teams have been slightly modified. Only the Banshees (Dark Elves) and the Tree of Pains (Wood Elves) have exchanged players and Resuscitation cream for an Ent - Management Correction to bug on teams which never bought players. - Management Team values were sometimes miscalculated.