2015 April Fools' Day Jokes

The list is being updated during the day
My apologies if some news are really true, I really hate this day...

1. Those who play Dying Light will receive various superpowers.

2. Call of Duty: United Nations Diplomat is the next game in the popular Call of Duty franchise.

3. If you press the "Pac-Man" button on Google Maps you will play a game of Pac-Man on the streets near your location.

4. The Pillars of Eternity 1.10 update adds a turn-based combat mode and overhauls the attribute system.

5. The Spear of Adun is now available to pre-order.

6. Jarvis Project, a new game developed in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis, will benefit from Housemarque's experiments with VR tech.

7. Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced The Battle for Middle-earth 3: The Battle of the Five Armies.

8. A new Honest Game Trailer, this time for Half-Life 3.

9. CERN researchers confirm existence of the Force.

10. Microsoft launches MS-DOS Mobile for Lumia smartphones.

11. Techland reveals Project GC, the spiritual successor to Dying Light.

12. PlayStation Flow announced.

13. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will be available on iOS.

14. Obsidian, InXile and Larian merge to form a new studio, Black Island Studios.

15. Into The Light, a new DLC for The Evil Within, connects the storylines of The Assignment and The Consequence.

16. The OtherJoe Show.

17. Deep Silver FISHLABS plans to add a Klingon localization to Galaxy on Fire - Alliances's iOS and Android versions later on this year.

18. DRAGO Entertainment announced The Pony Land simulation.

19. Gameforge unveiled MOGame2, a mix of two titles - the space strategy MMO OGame and popular oriental action MMO Metin2.

20. TinyMob Games today launched iGauntlet for Tiny Realms, the single most convenient way to play this real-time strategy game developed for mobile.

21. Nival has unveiled that the forgotten Allied forces hero of World War II, Wojtek "the Soldier Bear", will be featured in Blitzkrieg 3. Appearing as an actual in-game character, the Syrian brown bear named Wojtek will be a soldier of the 22nd Transport Company of the 2nd Corps. In 1942, the real-life Wojtek was found in Iran as a bear cub by Polish soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company, adopted and was present in a number of theaters of war such as Monte Cassino where he helped move ammunition. He went on to attain the rank of Corporal.

22. Gaijin Entertainment announced that War Thunder's 8 million players will get a chance to experience the unique capabilities of an armored behemoth known as 'The Walking Tank'. Developed in Top Secret by Soviet Forces at the beginning of World War 2, the ST-1 walking tank was the brainchild of Soviet engineers in a bid to bring truly mobilized firepower to the open battlefield. The concept behind the all-terrain walking tank was to breach battlefield areas where traditional tank formations could not advance, smashing enemy armored divisions in their wake. A trailer can be found here.

23. A new version of PCMark 8 is available fixing hangs and crashes with the spreadsheet workload of the Work test in Accelerated mode that does not affect any benchmark scores.

24. Developed by Lesta Studio and published by Wargaming, World of Warships: Ocean Drift is a retro maze game that puts players in charge of their very own pint-sized vessel. Players take to the geometric seas and sail around a series of ten levels, scooping up all the baubles bobbing on the waves. At odds with the prospective treasure hunters are a number of enemy vessels in dogged pursuit. However, along with quick fingers and wits, players have torpedoes at their disposable to sink the opposition.

25. Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson Enlighten Me Then trailer.

26. Spacetime Studios added Smart Watch and Virtual Reality integration to its unreleased game, Call of Champions.