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The first trailer for Scrapland is now available for download, showcasing a variety of innovative characters and vehicles from this 3D sci-fi game with action, speed and air combat that takes place in Chimera, a gigantic city inhabited by robots. Developed by Mercury Steam Entertainment, a company founded in May 2002 by the staff from Rebel Act Studios (Severance: Blade of Darkness), Scrapland is scheduled to ship in North America in Q4 2004 for PC and Q1 2005 for Xbox. The UK release is set for January 2005 - the game will be the first release for Deep Silver on the Xbox and it will be priced at £39.99, while the PC version will cost just £29.99 Local Download:
  • Scrapland Trailer (95.5 MB)
  • SCRAPLAND delivers on these key features: * A living, breathing sci-fi world, with a large variety of environments populated by dozens of amazing characters which pilot their gunships and behave friendly or agressively depending on the player's attitude. * Furious 3D combat with extreme gunships. Experience the perfect blend between the wildest combat and the fastest races seen to date. Custom-made gunships, amazing weapons, incredible flight and attack/defence manoeuvres. * A new standard in combat games. Single and multiplayer over LAN and Internet. * Complete freedom of movements through the game's world from the very beginning. Play on foot or driving your own gunships. Follow the compelling storyline or do what you will, you'll never get lost. * Huge range of actions at the player's disposal: Interact with all the characters, transform yourself into them to use their special abilities, challenge them, steal their gunships to build your own fleet and defeat them in wild combats and races. * Next generation technology that provides state-of-the-art: graphics, AI, character animations, sound effects and multiplayer capabilities. * This new, innovative game starring the daring robot D-Tritus, hasn't got a release date yet, but MSE asures it will be finished next year.

    Scrapland on PC
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