Richard Burns Rally Demo

SCi Entertainment has released a demo for Richard Burns Rally which includes an intro movie, Rally School (Advanced Technique) and Harwood Forest track playable in Quick Rally mode. Thanks: Tiscali Games. Local Download:
  • Richard Burns Rally Demo (214.8 MB)
  • Richard Burns Rally is a rally simulation game and it is the most accurate recreation of real life rallying seen to date. Every aspect of modern rallying has been precisely modelled to allow the player to experience life as a top-class rally driver. Richard Burns Rally surpasses its rivals in every area -graphical quality, technical accuracy, car physics, gameplay and unique features. Marking a significant move forward for the rally genre, Richard Burns Rally pushes the limits of technological capability whilst revising gameplay conventions. Richard Burns Rally is a game that will both challenge and astound any fan of motorsport video games. Richard Burns is the UK's top rally driver and winner of the 2001 World Rally Championship. He is currently leading the 2003 World Rally Championship. He will guide you through your career as a rally driver - teaching you the skills necessary to compete at the highest level. Features: * Endorsed & developed in conjunction with the biggest name in the world of rallying * Unprecedented photo-realistic graphical quality * The most realistic, accurately modelled car-handling model ever devised * A variety of gameplay modes * Featuring licensed rallies from around the world To reach the top and win a championship requires tactics, intelligence, foresight and perseverance ? in addition to speed, aggression and risk taking. There is no easy ride.