Conflict Vietnam Vehicles Movie

Along with these new screenshots and a new cinematic movie, Take Two Interactive has released a new trailer for Conflict Vietnam, showcasing some vehicles from the game which includes GAZ 69 Jeep, M48 Patton Tank, M50 Ontos Recoilless Rifle Tank, M113A1 APC, MKII PBR River Boat, and the UH-1 Huey Transport Helicopter (press 'read more' for details). The next instalment in this third person shooter series developed by Pivotal Games is already available in the UK retail stores and will ship in North America next week, for PC, PS2 and Xbox. Local Download:
  • Conflict Vietnam Trailer #3 (14.4 MB)
  • Conflict Vietnam Vehicles Movie (12.4 MB)
  • VEHICLE OVERVIEW The main characters in Conflict: Vietnam spend most of the game slowly but surely making their way out of enemy territory by trudging through treacherous jungles, underground tunnels and small villages. Occasionally, they’ll have the good fortune to come across a vehicle that helps speed their progress to safety. Vehicles that players will come across in Conflict: Vietnam include the GAZ 69 Jeep, M48 Patton Tank, M50 Ontos Recoilless Rifle Tank, M113A1 APC, MKII PBR River Boat, and the UH-1 Huey Transport Helicopter. Pivotal Games has completely overhauled the physics engine associated with in-game vehicles to give them the feeling of having actual weight, and to eliminate that “floaty” feel that the tanks and Jeeps in Desert Storm had. With the exception of the river boat and helicopter, when your squad enters a vehicle, one character will take the role of driver and one will man any vehicle mounted weapon. In the case of open vehicles, such as the Jeep, squad members not driving or operating heavy guns are able to use their personal weapons to provide covering fire. In addition to speed, the advantages of using vehicles are the heavy fire that the mounted weapons provide, and the vehicle itself providing cover. In many cases, the best way to use vehicles in Conflict: Vietnam is to assemble your squad within, and use it to penetrate heavily defended areas. Once cleared, your squad can exit the vehicle to search the area, then reassemble in the vehicle to quickly make it to the next waypoint. Below is a description of the different vehicles players will have a chance to man in Conflict: Vietnam. M113A1 APC Capable of amphibious operations in streams and lakes, extended cross country travel over rough terrain, and high-speed operation on roads, the M113A1 APC was a key asset in the Vietnam jungles. Able to transport up to ten men behind its protective armor, and armed well enough to be considered an offensive weapon, it’s no wonder that this tracked transport has been in production longer than any other armored vehicle. MKII PBR River Boat From the beginning of the war it was clear that whatever side controlled the 3,000 miles of rivers, canals and streams of South Vietnam would have a huge advantage. The MKII PBR (Patrol Boat, River) was developed during the Vietnam War due to the need for a fast and maneuverable water craft. Requiring only two feet of water to float on, and packing a heavy offensive punch thanks to its bow-mounted .50 caliber machine guns, a group of MKII PBRs could control any waterway they were stationed on. ‘GAZ’ 69 Jeep One of the very first Russian-made off-road vehicles, the GAZ Jeep has been modified dozens of times since its 1938 inception. Used by Viet Cong forces in the Vietnam War, the GAZ had capable handling in harsh conditions, but often suffered from constant breakdowns and poor gas mileage. Weapons were often mounted on the back of the vehicle to give it offensive capabilities. US M48 Patton Tank Developed from the M47, the M48 Patton Tank originally suffered many small problems, but constant modification eventually made it the mainstay of the US Army and Marines in Vietnam. The M48 proved to be highly effective at defense and offense, thanks to its thick hull, 105mm cannon, and top-mounted .50 caliber machine gun. UH-1 ‘Huey’ Transport Helicopter The most widely used military helicopter in history, Hueys first saw action in Vietnam in 1963. By the war’s end, more than 5,000 were put to use for Medical Evacuations, troop transport, air assault, and as gun ships. Particularly noisy when in forward flight due to the advancing rotor blade breaking the sound barrier, the Viet Cong at first feared this helicopter’s arrival. However, once it was discovered that Hueys could be brought down with small arms fire, the VC’s dread quickly disappeared, and the aircraft’s usage had to be re-evaluated by the US military. M50 US Ontos Recoilless Rifle Tank Appropriately named (Ontos is Greek for Thing), this unusual vehicle has six recoilless rifles mounted in pyramid fashion on a central turret. A disaster in design, the Ontos required the crew to exit the vehicle to reload, which unfortunately wasn’t much safer than being in the vehicle thanks to its thin armor. Good mobility was this vehicle’s only redeeming feature.