Robotech Invasion Screens/Movies #3

Take Two Interactive sent us new for Robotech Invasion two gameplay movies and new screenshots showing the ballistic weapons from the game: Wolf Auto-Pistol, Wolverine Semi-Automatic Machine Gun, Holden Mark-2 Shotgun, RL-8 Rocket Launcher, Cobalt Grenade and GR-109 Missiles (check full article for details). Robotech Invasion will be released for Xbox and PS2 this month. Local Download:
  • Robotech Invasion Gameplay Movies (16 MB)
  • ROBOTECH: INVASION BALLISTIC WEAPON PROFILES Wolf Auto-Pistol This high-damage pistol is good at any range, a fact accentuated by the zoom feature. Unless you have a sniper rifle available, the Wolf is your best friend for precision, long-distance shots. Weapon Stats Range: Long Accuracy: Very High Magazine Size: 20 rounds Firing Rate: Moderate Projectile Speed: Very Fast Reload Time: Quick Strengths • Accuracy - once you’ve lined up the shot, you’re guaranteed a hit, especially when utilizing the 4x zoom. • Reload – eject the clip, and slam the new one in. No delays, no hassle. Weaknesses • Damage - unless you score a direct hit on an Invid eye, it will take a while to wear down a foe using the Wolf alone. • Firing Rate – there’s a noticeable delay between shots as the chamber is reset to firing state. Wolverine Semi-Automatic Machine Gun The Wolverine has the highest firing rate of any weapon in the REF arsenal, and the lowest accuracy rating. If you are fighting in close quarters, this weapon will tear your enemies to shreds. Just be careful not to run out of ammo. Weapon Stats Range: Medium Accuracy: Very Low Magazine Size: 100 rounds Firing Rate: Very Fast Projectile Speed: Very Fast Reload Time: Moderate Strengths • Firing Rate – this thing spews out hot lead faster than anything else you can get your hands on. • Ease of use – given the wide arc of fire upon release of the projectile, it is possible to hit a target just by aiming in its general direction. Weaknesses • Accuracy – lining up an eye shot is next to impossible. • Ammo usage – even with a 100 round clip, you’ll find yourself reloading quite frequently. Holden Mark-2 Shotgun The Holden Mark-2 is strictly a short range weapon, as the power of the projectile dissipates very rapidly. This makes the gun useless at medium and long ranges. Soldiers skilled with this weapon can hit four or five enemies with a single shot. Weapon Stats Range: Short Accuracy: Medium Magazine Size: 20 rounds Firing Rate: Moderate Projectile Speed: Fast Reload Time: Moderately Slow Strengths • Damage – this weapon is the ultimate Invid shredder when you’re up close and personal. • Ease of use – as with the Wolverine, this is a ‘point and fire’ weapon – no subtlety is needed. Weaknesses • Projectile Range – the Holden Mark-2 is strictly a close-quarters weapon. • Reload Speed – caution is advised when the clip is nearly empty. It takes a bit of time to get that next box of shells loaded. RL-8 Rocket Launcher The powerful, low-velocity rockets of the RL-8 will deal major damage to anything they hit, including you, so do not use this weapon at close range. Click the zoom button to make long-distance aiming a bit easier. Weapon Stats Range: Long Accuracy: Moderate Magazine Size: 6 rockets Firing Rate: Slow Projectile Speed: Slow Reload Time: Slow Strengths • Damage – if the shot connects, you’ll be dealing some serious hurt. • Splash radius – even if the shot doesn’t connect, your foe may still be hurt by the splash damage when the shell makes contact with the ground. Weaknesses • Projectile Speed – if the enemy deduces your intent, dodging the incoming rocket is a definite possibility. • Reload Speed – don’t get caught out in the opening with an empty chamber. Cobalt Grenade Pull the pin, throw, and wait for the boom. If you hold the grenade button for a few seconds before releasing, you will ‘cook’ the grenade. But hold the button for too long and the grenade will blow up in your hand. Weapon Stats Range: Short Accuracy: Low Magazine Size: N/A Firing Rate: N/A Projectile Speed: Slow Reload Time: N/A Strengths • Damage – a direct hit with a thrown grenade will take out most every foe. • Camper removal – bounce that grenade off the wall and behind a barrier to take care of any campers you may come across. Weaknesses • Ease of use – using the bounce trajectory of the grenade to its fullest effect takes some practice. • Self-destruction – an overcooked grenade is highly undesirable, to say the least. GR-109 Missiles While on the bike, the GR-109 missile system will automatically seek and lock-on to any visible target. These fast, homing missiles are most effective when fired in volleys. Weapon Stats Range: Long Accuracy: Moderate Magazine Size: Varies per cyclone type Firing Rate: Moderately Fast Projectile Speed: Moderate Reload Time: N/A Strengths • Ease of use – missiles will automatically lock on and track any on-screen target. • Damage – A missile that connects with a foe will deal a large amount of pain. Weaknesses • Mode Limitations – due to the configuration of attachments covering the missile ports, the missile systems are unavailable when in Armor mode. • Ammo Scarcity – each cyclone can only carry a limited number of missiles, and more must be found once the initial stock is depleted.