Fire Department 2 Screens #4

Three new screenshots from Fire Department 2 have been added in our gallery, showcasing the sequel to tactical mission-based game developed by Monte Cristo. The game will offer five campaigns and and fifteen increasingly difficult missions, improved graphics and animations, nine specialized fire fighter roles, three multiplayer modes (competition, share units, cooperation) for up to four players via LAN and Internet and more (check full story for details). Fire Department 2 is slated for an October release. A German official website has been launched, offering screens and info.
Genre: 3D Real-Time Strategy/Management Platform: PC CD-ROM for Windows 98/2000/Me/XP Availability: 2004 Minimum System Pentium III 1.0 Ghz or Athlon 1.0 Ghz Requirements: Windows 2000/Me/XP 128 MB RAM 64 MB Graphics Card, DirectX® 9.0 compatible (Nvidia Geforce 2 or higher, ATI Radeon 8500 or higher) Sound Card, DirectX® 9.0 compatible Direct X 9.0b Overview: The heat is on! Fire Department 2 ignites the 3D Real-Time Strategy genre with an entirely new battlefield – the fire and rescue scene. Players are challenged to keep their cool as they manage a squad of elite firefighters in a variety of fast-paced, unpredictable, and explosive emergency scenarios. Fire chiefs command fire squads and vehicles to extinguish flames and save victims in five single player campaigns with increasingly complex missions based on real-life events. Set in a metropolitan city along the U.S. west coast, players face the challenging perils of human-caused and natural disasters. Tackle windswept brush fires that threaten a hillside of suburban homes and the forest just beyond. Use special extinguishing agents and techniques to battle chemical fires in manufacturing plants and at a fireworks factory; stay on track as a runaway train leaves a trail of emergencies; and save victims and battle blazes downtown after the ‘Big One’ rattles the city. In this captivating simulation, every moment counts: fire and smoke spread with incredible realism, combustible materials threaten to turn two-alarm fires into raging infernos, structures weaken as fire spreads and intensifies, and victims cling to life as injuries mount. In multiplayer mode players can combine firefighting efforts or compete against other firefighters for the title of top fire house. Fire Department 2 builds on the critically acclaimed Emergency Fire Response. A new technological platform allows for an incomparably rich and realistic game experience. New features include additional types of vehicles and units, enhanced artificial intelligence, improved realism through enhanced fire and smoke physics, and more detailed animations. Larger maps with greater detail, richer missions with a captivating storyline and more ways to successfully battle situations that change with every play session will plunge players into the fascinating realities of the firefighter’s job. U.S. firefighting consultants worked closely with Monte Cristo Games to ensure ultra-realistic fire and smoke behavior; accurate vehicles, units, and firefighting tools and techniques; and highly-specialized tactics that showcase the hazardous conditions and scenarios that thousands of firefighters around the world bravely face every day. Gameplay Features: • Captivating single player mode featuring five story-driven campaigns and fifteen increasingly difficult missions • Realistic missions, inspired by real-life disasters, designed in collaboration with international fire consultants • Nine specialized fire fighter roles: firefighter, master stream (portable monitor), paramedic, technical officer, extrication specialist, HAZMAT specialist, proximity firefighter, dog handling specialist, and toxicity specialist • Thirteen high-performance vehicles: extension ladder, water tower, pumper, foam pumper, wildland pumper, fireboat, tanker and foam tanker, ambulance, emergency helicopter, bulldozer, Canadair waterbomber and fire assault chopper • Reinforcements can be called in order to manage increasingly complex situations • Customisable player characteristics: name, nationality, badge and color of their firehouse • Weather conditions (rain, wind, fog, dryness) influence both visibility and spread of the fire • Realistic spread of flames, as well as hazards such as backdraft and flashover • Three multiplayer modes (competition, share units, cooperation) for up to four players via LAN and Internet Technical Features • Dynamic Fire System. Fire behaves just as it does in real life – no script determines the way it evolves. • Dynamic Smoke System. Smoke follows ventilation paths and flows through open windows. • Dynamic lighting effects. Lighting effects are dynamic, which means that fire and explosions effects light the surrounding areas. • Full 3D Engine. Fire Captain: Bay Area Inferno is in full 3D, enabling players to rotate the camera in all directions and zoom in on the action. • Particle effects. Fire, water and smoke are realistically reproduced using particle effects. Gravity affects the objects just like in the real world: smoke spreads to the sky, fire burns sideways and upwards, water flows from the original source based on terrain and gravity.