Restricted Area Official Website Revamped

Master Creating informed us the official Restricted Area website has been revamped, offering a new look, info and screenshots (added in our gallery) from Restricted Area, the upcoming isometric action-based RPG which has been released today in Germany. Read our interview with Jan Beuck, Managing Director and check out the Games Convention trailer for details about the game.
The year is 2083. As a result of environmental pollution, most of the earth is covered by the so-called wastelands, contaminated deserts with ruins and shelters where only mutants live. The only exceptions are the oceans and the cities, which grew larger and larger until they merged together to form giant megacities. Smog covers the atmosphere over these megacities, so the light is always dim, but colorful commercial projections and lanterns make up for the lack of light. Where once-powerful nations dominated the globe, threatening each other with sudden nuclear annihilation, one global government now rules the world. This global government is weak, and megacorporations have become a law unto themselves. People who accepted their sovereignty were protected, but the outcast, dissidents, and rebels were exploited and abused, continuing a condition that has existed between the weak and the powerful since the time began. On the other hand, if the megacorps want a job done but they don't want to dirty their hands, they need outcasts. Though an outlaw's existence is not listed in any government or corporate database, the demand for outlaw services is high. Some are computer experts, sliding like a whisper through the visualized databases of the giant corps, stealing the only thing of real value: information. Others are ex-soldiers, armed with weapons and synthetic reflexes. To protect their secrets from these criminal freelancers who steal them for other companies, the megacorps build large subterrestrial fortresses far out in the wastelands. As only company law counts there, that's what's known as "restricted area." Technology is now far more advanced---cyber implants and genetically enhanced organs replace most external equipment and can be bought to increase your abilities, going far beyond the possibilities of a normal human. Which role will you play? Game Features: * Four totally different characters with unique skills, each with a detailed back-story, progress independently through the same narrative; the story is revealed from various angles * Each character has access to misc skills and to unique skills related to its characterization: 75 skills with 10 levels (750 skill levels in total) * Uncountable number of weapons, Cyberware and Bioware to boost your abilities * Dynamic dialogues adapted to the situation and the player's actions * Exclusive soundtrack by popular international science fiction composers * Unique second world: The Cyberspace * Environment effects combat. Imagine light, shadow, distance, height level, weather and movement of the target affect the chance to hit * Advanced combat system for fast-paced action with shooter elements * Advanced AI with group tactics that reacts on your “visible strength” – the perceived strength and condition of your character, like the weapon in his hand * Unlimited computer generated subquests and levels Technical Features: * Takes advantage of IRIS, the fastest and most powerful engine ever written for an isometric game, which took over two years to create and which has been created especially for Restricted Area * Innumerable visual effects, for example dynamical lights and shadows, rain, fog, smoke, dust, fire, water, explosions and reflections * 3D Soundeffects, produced by an Academy Award winning company * Animations based on motion capturing by House of Moves, the "widely recognizied leader in their field" (David Perkinson, Sega of America) * Cooperative Multiplayer mode