Pacific Fighters Screens #4

A huge batch of new screenshots (170) from Pacific Fighters has been inserted in our gallery illustrating this new flight simulator developed by 1C: Maddox. Pacific Fighters will feature, for the first time in the IL-2 series, aircraft carriers (players will have the option to take-off and land on aircraft carriers during combat). The game will also feature over 40 flyable aircraft models, extensive tutorials and customizable settings, 16 maps including historical locations such as Midway, Okinawa, Pearl Harbor and Singapore, and more. The multiplayer mode will allow up to 128 players to participate in live online aerial dogfights, and cooperative play and dynamic online campaigns are also available for up to 32 players. Pacific Fighters will be released in November by Ubisoft.
The award-winning flight combat from Oleg Maddox’s IL-2 series moves the setting from the Eastern front to the fierce combat of the Pacific theater. Allied fighters and bombers square off against the notorious air power of the Japanese empire. For the first time, a large variety of British aircraft will be included along with the U.S. and Australian planes. Target enemy ships, vehicles, airfields, and a host of AI-controlled aircraft. Re-enact some of the most famous air battles of WWII in places like Pearl Harbor, Guadalcanal, and Iwo Jima. Game Features Fly a variety of WWII fighters and bombers: Fly for the U.S., Japan, Great Britain, and Australia in famous fighters such as the F6F Hellcat, the deadly Japanese Zero, and the UK’s Supermarine Seafire. Flyable bombers such as the Aichi D3A1 Val, G4M2 Betty, SBD Dauntless, and A-20 Havoc are also included. Over 40 flyable aircraft models are available. New! Includes aircraft carriers: For the first time in the 1C: Maddox game series, players will be able to take off from, land on, and engage enemy aircraft carriers in combat. Accessible to players of all skill levels: With its extensive tutorials and customizable settings, the game will appeal to both beginning and expert pilots. Nearly every level of realism and difficulty can be tuned to fit user tastes. Award-winning IL-2-style combat-simulation gameplay: As with every product in the IL-2 series, Pacific Fighters offers unparalleled attention to detail. The smart AI, unequaled damage model, and sense of realism combine to immerse players like no other combat flight simulation. Maps of the most famous battles of the Pacific: 16 new maps are included with famous historical locations such as Midway, Okinawa, Pearl Harbor, and Singapore. Wave movements on the beach, volumetric clouds, and thick vegetation are some of the visual attributes that are rendered in detail. Attack a vast array of targets ranging from railroads to battleships: Ground objects such as trains, trucks, and tanks can all be pounded from the air. Torpedo historically accurate ships, drop parafrags on enemy airfields, and encounter over 100 other targets on the ground and at sea. An unsurpassed multiplayer option: Take part in massive live engagements on huge maps that feature plane formations, numerous ships, and ground troops in a variety of modes from free-for-all dogfights to multiplayer campaigns.