Lucky in the Magic Forest Released

Crazy Mice today announced the release of version 2.1 from Lucky in the Magic Forest, the spectacular Arcanoid-style game about a playful kitten. We have a demo available for download containing just 21 levels from a total of 121. Press 'read more' for a list of features and other details. Local Downloads:
  • Lucky in the Magic Forest Demo (10.3 MB)
  • Crazy Mice announces the release of Lucky in the Magic Forest Lucky is back again! This time help your fluffy little friend overcome powerful forces and return Magic Forest to light! Crazy Mice today announced the release of Lucky in the Magic Forest, the latest version of the spectacular Arcanoid-style game about a playful kitten, Lucky, that has enthralled the hearts of millions of kids around the world. In this incredibly absorbing arcade you must help your fluffy little friend fight evil creatures and find way home in the once idyllic Magic Forest, where Darkness has tainted the beautiful scenery. With magic power from the good fairy, you and Lucky can return the forest to light. Lucky in the Magic Forest v.2.1 brings the excitement of the legendary Arcanoid-style gameplay combined with fabulous cartoon graphics and an original storyline. Your objective is to help Lucky, a lively kitty with incredibly big frolicsome eyes, overcome evil forces and save the Magic Forest from Darkness. As you play through 121 diversely themed levels, you must control Lucky and, by kicking the ball, break various brick wall patterns that block the way to the sunlight. With advanced levels of motion control and animation, your fluffy friend will be running, toying the ball and kicking it with feline grace and great acrobatic skill. Take down owls and other evil creatures with a ball and collect numerous bonuses to increase your score but beware of catching poisonous gifts as they take Lucky's mind off as well as one of her lives. Some bonuses accelerate the ball bouncing so that you will have to react much quicker. Players can enjoy a solo game or co-op multiplayer together with friends or family. Featuring dynamic gameplay and vibrant visuals rendered down to every detail including rustling grass and stirring foliage, Lucky in the Magic Forest will be the ultimate source of enjoyment for players of all ages. For more information, visit us at The latest version of Lucky in the Magic Forest offers such features as: - 121 all-new game levels with unique, diversely themed environments; - Level Editor to let players create their own landscapes and exciting levels to exchange, play and enjoy together with friends; - Outstanding cartoon graphics and visual effects; - Original music and cool sound effects; - Challenging and totally addictive gameplay; - Easy, Normal and Hard difficulty modes; - Solo and Two Player modes; - Support for joystick with the feedback. "Let me tell you I really enjoy this Lucky game!" said Cristina Vogel, our customer from Uepsen, Germany. "I have been playing it for the past two days and it's the most exciting and beautiful arcade game I have ever seen. My daughter, aged 4, absolutely adores Lucky. She is like "OOOH and AAAH" over this cutie. I like it so much I am telling my friends about it and hopefully they will get it to. Thanks again and keep up a good job. Lucky in the Magic Forest runs under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP and costs $19.90 (USD). The evaluation version of the game, limited to 21 levels with screen nags can be downloaded for free at About Crazy Mice Founded in 2000, Crazy Mice is an interactive entertainment software company, focused on creating arcade and action games distinguished for their superb graphics and addictive gameplay. Our ultimate mission is to fill the current void for casual games and become one of the leading game developers on the interactive software market. The catalogue of our games includes such top sellers as Animal Attack, Abyss 2 and Castles. The lineup of new games is scheduled for release late fall 2004