LMA Manager 2005 Screens

Lots of screens from the LMA Manager 2005 PlayStation 2 and Xbox versions can now be found in our gallery. LMA Manager 2005 will contain all the top clubs and the official inclusion of The Championship, League 1 and League 2, under license from the Football League, with all the clubs, players, badges, and trophies, plus the Conference. The game also features all all the major divisions from the English, Scottish, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese leagues, and Barry Davies will provide the commentary, while Gary Lineker and Alan Hansen deliver match day summaries. The game will be launched on October 22nd.
Tantrums and teamwork – got to keep 'em happy in LMA Manager 2005! LMA Manager 2005 is set to take the series to the top of the league again when it launches October 22nd for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It's a great year for the series: Codemasters will also publish Manchester United Manager 2005, as a special edition of the game and there's also a version exclusively for PC: LMA Professional Manager 2005. As the most extensive edition in the series' history, LMA Manager 2005 delivers more countries, leagues and trophies. The game's also packed with more official football content, including English leagues The Championship, League 1 and League 2 with all the real clubs, players, badges, and trophies, plus The Conference. This year your aptitude as a manager is even more important as LMA Manager 2005 also has you managing players' personalities, temperaments and even dealing with their tantrums with a new 'player-personality' system. In LMA Manager 2005, players have more detailed personalities. If you're to get the best out of them, there's a whole host of things that can influence a player's mood: You may have fresh ideas, but if you take the reigns at a new club and immediately change established tactics, some of the old stalwarts may not be too impressed. Think hard about whether it really is worth keeping hold of that teenage star striker if he's outgrown your club. If his mind's on moving to bigger things, he'll not be performing to his best for you any longer. When signing a new player you'll really have to look at how he'll fit into your squad. Without any fellow countrymen at your club he could soon end up feeling pretty lonely. Madrid is a very different city to Manchester. Some players really don't respond to being trained into the ground. If you get a break in the season, try giving the lads a rest and they'll appreciate you for it. Giving every player a real identity, you'll see how your overall decisions affect him personally. Players will let you know when they're unhappy with the way you're running the club and give you the reasons why. Then it's up to you to put it right and get the most out of your players. So, watch out, and don't go upsetting your Prima Donna striker! LMA Manager 2005 also lets your personality as manager come through on PlayStation 2, using the EyeToy. Hook up the EyeToy camera and take a variety of digital photos of your face showing different emotions and then, when you win awards or face the sack, it's your own smiling (or crying) face that'll be seen on the newspapers headlines! You can also keep an eye on your photos on the Performance screen and discover how the fans and the board rate you. When the grimaces start to appear, it may be time to start clearing your desk! Bringing all the tough decisions and ecstatic highs of professional football management to PlayStation 2 and Xbox screens, LMA Manager 2005 kicks off the new season as the essential management game on October 22nd, alongside Manchester United Manager 2005 (PlayStation 2, Xbox) and the PC edition LMA Professional Manager 2005. Follow the game and join the massive LMA Manager community online at www.codemasters.co.uk/lma2005