Payback Exclusive Screens

Our gallery has been updated with four new exclusive screenshots from the GBA version of Payback, the game which will be available in the US on October 25th and on November 19th in Europe. Payback will offer 11 cities, each with their own unique feel, day and night levels, hidden weapons, secret missions, a variety of vehicles (boats, buses, helicopters, tanks and more). The Rampage Mode dynamically generates missions for increased replayability and Deathmatch link-up mode supports up to four players.
Free-roaming crime sim to come to the GBA with groundbreaking graphics, unrivalled gameplay and multiplayer link-up. ZOO Digital Publishing has announced the 22nd of October as the European release date for one of this years' most exciting gaming prospects – 'Payback' on the GBA. Pushing the system to the absolute limit, Game Boy fans and industry pundits alike will not believe the incredible experience this title offers. Offering top-down mission-based driving in a fully realised 3D world, 'Payback' features criminal mayhem across more than 10 distinct, living cities each with their own unique feel. Thanks in part to incredible day/night effects and an assortment of weather conditions, each metropolis presents its own challenges, hidden weapons and secret missions. Getting around town couldn't be easier with a huge selection of vehicles with individual handling characteristics. Boats, buses, remote controlled cars, helicopters and of course tanks are all ripe for the picking alongside vans, sedans and sports cars. As well as featuring a full career-mode progression including assassination, kidnap and street racing, 'Payback' also offers a Rampage Mode that dynamically generates missions for increased longevity and an astounding Deathmatch link-up mode for up to four players. Certainly one of the biggest GBA releases of the year, 'Payback' delivers an unbelievable package of automobile related carnage for gamers looking to sate criminal tendencies on the move.