TOCA Race Driver 2 UK Release Date/Screens

Codemasters announced that the PS2 version of ToCA Race Driver 2 will ship in UK next Friday, October 15th. A new batch of screens can be found in our gallery so check them out. The game has already been released for Xbox and PC in April (story).
Real cars, real track, real players... you're really racing in TOCA Race Driver 2, with PlayStation 2 Net Play! Coming to PlayStation 2 on Friday, 15th October With a turbo-charged game engine, exclusively tuned for PlayStation 2, TOCA Race Driver 2 is roaring into stores next Friday, October 15th, and is the only Ultimate Racing Simulator that comes complete with online Net Play racing! Whether online or offline multiplayer you'll be competing in a multitude of motorsport events against a host of deadly rivals, all out to claim victory for themselves. In TOCA Race Driver 2, it's all about winning and there's no room for Sunday drivers on these circuits. Fulfil your team's objectives and you'll earn your place in the next event; with each more successful championship, you'll unlock more tracks, vehicles and competitions! Take it online and compete in races with up to 8-Players Simultaneously. The game's online multiplayer modes let you devise your own championship for others to join, or search specifically for the kind of competition you want; alternatively you can just jump straight into the racing. Judge your skill against all comers using the Global Rating System, or maintain a Friends List of your favourite competitors, and full voice support means that all 8 players can talk to each other at any time, with no restrictions. Letting you loose on over 50 global racing circuits, TOCA Race Driver 2 comes to PlayStation 2 with extra content including an additional circuit, Spain's Catalunya, and an enhanced Championship structure that allows for 99 additional car and track combinations. Plus, you start as a professional – there are no boring 'tests' to take before you can play the proper game – your first car is the awesome Ford GT! Featuring more motorsports than any other racing game, TOCA Race Driver 2 arrives next Friday for PlayStation 2. Get a taste of life in the fastest lane with images and videos at the game's dedicate website at # ENDS # TOCA Race Driver 2 - it's the British Bulldog of Racing Games. Beware of foreign imports - drive a pedigree: # TOCA Race Driver 2 is a real simulator: real performance cars, real damage, real physics, and real driver AI created by Codemasters' renowned motor racing game studio. # The most diverse range of motorsports in any one game – 15 different motor sports over 33 championships. # Start as a professional and get the top supercars from the start and drive the best. # 52 circuits – more real life ones and more accurately modeled than ever before. # High detail car models, each with individual realistic handling. # Realistic damage – you can't have a 'simulator' without damage. # Race like you mean it – you need more SKILL to succeed! # Go beyond ultimate: PS2 hardcore "Pro-Sim mode" for total realism! # Race your mates – for real: TOCA Race Driver 2 is online, for up to 8 players # Global Rating System. Gain or lose championship points depending on your results. # Full voice support. Talk to everyone at once with no restrictions # Friends List. Invite your friends to race or join their races when they are online.