Aero's Quest Launches Next Month, Demo/Trailer Released

A 2D puzzle platformer with side scrolling that aims to give the players sleepless nights of sheer fun
Produced by Soloweb N.V. Studios in co-operation with Ravenseye Studios for the PC, Mac, Linux and major gaming consoles, Aero's Quest is a 2D puzzle-platformer in which the player must lead Aero on his quest to rescue Ariella, the love of his life, from the evil Andraus. To do so he must complete plenty of levels divided in many different worlds where he has to turn all the switches of the puzzle to open the cage where Ariella is imprisoned.
Aero's Quest will arrive via Steam on June 8th - a playable demo and a new trailer have bee released today.
Aero's Quest Demo (81.33MB)