The Fall: Last Days of Gaia Voice Recordings Finished

Silver Style Entertainment announced they finished the voice recordings for The Fall: Last Days of Gaia, the upcoming Post-Apocalyptic RPG/Tactical game which will be released by Deep Silver in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, in the middle of November. A number of 84 voice actors is featured in the game, including George Clooney and John Wayne - 182,000 words were recorded. The Fall: Last Days of Gaia features more than 300 different weapons, armor and other items, simulation of a complete post-catastrophe world with realistic character behavior, plausible flora and fauna as well as a stirring end-time atmosphere, up to six party members, each with their own characteristics, day and night-cycle effects plus lifelike daily routines for every single NPC enhance realism, free-roaming zoomable camera allows many different perspectives, from ISO to 3rd person and more. Be sure to check out the first trailer if you haven't done so yet. Update: we were informed that Elkware will develop the game for mobiles.
THE FALL: Voice Recordings Break New Ground in Germany Silver Style Entertainment today finished the voice recordings for their post-apocalyptic role-playing game "The Fall – Last Days of Gaia". With 84 actors managing 380 parts with a total of 182,000 words it marks the most extensive voice production a computer game made in Germany has ever seen. A number of prominent voice actors is featured in the game; the player will recognize the German voices of George Clooney and John Wayne among others. "We were aware that the quality of the voice recordings had to match the high standards of The Fall itself", said Stefan Hoffman, Project Manager at Silver Style Entertainment. "No efforts and costs were spared. After more than six weeks of hard work it's safe to say that we have set a new benchmark in the field of dubbing computer games in Germany." About Silver Style Entertainment Silver Style Entertainment ( was founded 1993 and is based in Berlin/Germany. CEO and Lead Designer Carsten Strehse has more than 15 years experience in game development. The company worked together with mayor publishers like Activison, THQ, JoWooD or Atari in the past. Silver Style’s latest game Soldiers of Anarchy ( was highly acclaimed by the worldwide press and got many awards.