Robin Hood Macintosh Demo

A playable demo for the Macintosh version of Robin Hood is now available for download (thanks: The game offers more than 30 non-linear missions with very different plots, five giant castles, day/night cycle, different weather conditions, nine characters with specific abilities and qualities and more. Local Download:
  • Robin Hood Macintosh Demo (56 MB)
  • Robin Hood Demo 1.0 Do not only take on the role of the hero Robin Hood, but also the roles of his faithful vassals and take them to the battle field against the nasty Prince John Lackland. In doing so you are able to enjoy the fabulous English landscape of 1190 as well as the giant castles and funny characters. The thrilling story is introduced by an award-winning introduction and transfers you directly into the hero's body with the first mission, in which you have to set the captive comrades free. Take up the battle against the oppressors and free the farmers from the Prince's reign! Be smart, be fast! Be Robin Hood! Features More than 30 non-linear missions with very different plots. For instance you have to save Little John and Brother Tuck, to prevent a wedding between Marianne and the revolting Guy of Gisbourne or to attack the tax collectors of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Visit five giant castles on different ways, at day and night times, and at different weather conditions. Play with up to nine integrated characters being outstanding due to their specific abilities and qualities. Due to an innovative fighting system you are able to control the heros sword in battles by mouse. Decide yourself which tactic appears to be the right one for you: reach the goal by creeping around the guards or fight bravely using sword and bow. The game will be available with english, german and french localizations. Both texts and dialogues are translated. Demo Version After unpacking the disk image (some browsers will do this automatically) drag the game folder anywhere on your hard disk or play directly from the disk image, in the first case to uninstall simply drag the demo folder to the trashcan. You can start the demo by double clicking the RobinHood icon. Robin learns, that the Sheriff of Nottingham has caught his nephew Will Scarlet and with the help of a few of his men will have to try to set him free. You can control Robin or any of his merry men by clicking on their images at the bottom of the screen. Each character has special abilities. To learn more about their abilities or to get hints and tips, pick up the scrolls that are lying on the ground. They contain valuable information. If you are playing with a single button mouse you can use CTRL+LeftMouseButton to emulate the right button actions (RMB is mostly used to unselect an action or to hide the minimap). Remember: it is always better to think if you can avoid it before starting a fight, the game gives you a lot of alternatives to fighting if you want to skip guards! Requirements • Apple Mac @ 350 MHz (recommended G4/500) • MacOSX 10.2 or higher • 128 MB RAM • 8 MB Graphics Card or better • 1GB of hard disk space (full version only) • CD ROM drive (full version only)