Out of Hell 8 October 2004

In order to unlock the The EVE Online: Second Genesis 14 days trial, you have to generate your own unique key at the following page and obviously to download the game client locally mirrored here. The following articles were added in our dedicated section: Rome: Total War Review (PC), Codename Panzers: Phase One Review (PC), Port Royale 2 Review (PC), Spy Fiction Review (PS2), Shadow Ops: Red Mercury Review (PC) GBA Movie Player v2 Review (PC), Kohan II: Kings of War Review (PC), Arena Wars Review (PC), Street Racing Syndicate Review (PS2) and SuperPower 2 Giveaway (PC)
  • Ghost Master fans have set up a petition, asking Empire Interactive for the source code of the game. If the source code for Ghost Master would be released, it would be possible to create an editor for the game, allowing fans to make new levels and characters. The petiton will be sent to Empire when there has been enough support - you can sign here.
  • Saitek has unveiled Mobile Office, Home Office (MoHo), an exclusive new line aimed specifically at the lifestyle PC market. The Saitek Laptop Subwoofer, a compact yet technology-packed external subwoofer which boosts the bass and range of a laptop's internal speakers, will be available in November for a suggested retail price of £20. The Saitek MoHo range will be available in late October 2004. For more information, visit the official website.
  • Futuremark Corporation announced the availability of UIQ support for SPMark04, the world's first industry-grade benchmark for Symbian OS based smartphones with Series 60 and UIQ. The benchmark has been developed in collaboration with key industry partners, including ATI, Bitboys, Imagination Technologies (PowerVR), Intel, Khronos Group, Neomagic, and NVIDIA under Futuremark's Benchmark Development Program for Smartphones. SPMark04 is immediately available in two versions: a Business Edition ($250) and a Developer's Edition ($6,000 + programming) at Futuremark's secure web store at www.futuremark.com.
  • Xbox Live and Xfire are teaming up to give Xbox Live and Xfire gamers a chance to win high-end prizes that include an Xbox, one year of free Xbox Live service, a library of Live-enabled games, a set of Spherex 5.1 surround sound speakers, an Xbox networking wireless-G adapter and a custom Plantronics Halo 2 headset. You can also register for a chance to win a high-performance Compaq X GX5000 series Gaming PC complete with 17” flat screen monitor. Registered Xbox Live and Xfire gamers who are over 17 years of age should visit this Xbox Live website for the official rules and to register for the Xbox Live prize package and this page to register for the Xfire Compaq X gaming PC. Xfire is a free tool that automatically tracks when and where gamers' friends are playing PC games online. With one click, gamers can instantly join their friends' games or play with friends of friends. Xfire also lets gamers message their friends who are in-game.
  • Major League Gaming (MLG) informed us that the Battle of Beantown event will take place on October 9-10 at Bayside Expo & Executive Conference Center 200 Mount Vernon Street / Columbia Point / Boston, MA 02125, being their last competition before the 2004 Championship Invitational in New York. The event is presented by GameStop and Nokia N-Gage. 13-year-old (!) MLG pro player Bonnie “Xena” Burton, the highest-ranking female Halo player in the US, will make an in-store appearance at GameStop. Bonnie will sign autographs, take pictures and compete against challengers in the Halo video game. More details here.
  • A new interview about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl can be found here - the Russian correspondent of the fan site Oblivion-Lost.com had the opportunity to visit the developers in Kiev/Ukraine.
  • The dedicated server for the Mac version of Battlefield 1942 can be downloaded from here.
  • Mountain Dew is teaming up with Xbox and 7-Eleven, Inc. to offer gamers an improved, intense Mountain Dew Slurpee and three limited-edition Halo 2 collector cups, available at participating 7-Eleven stores in the US. They can also enter the "Win it Before You Can Buy It" sweepstakes for a chance to win an early copy of Halo 2 before it's released on November 9. Additional prizes include a trip to the 2004 Spike TV Video Game Awards, a trip to Bungie Studios for an opportunity to play against the Halo 2 developers at a private event, Xbox video game systems, Xbox Live Starter Kits and more. For more information and official sweepstakes rules, visit this website.
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