Robotech Invasion Screens #5

Take Two Interactive released four new screenshots from Robotech Invasion. The game is now available in stores across North America, for Xbox, and PS2, each at a suggested retail price of $39.99. Developed by Vicious Cycle, Robotech: Invasion "embarks players on an original adventure that takes place during the latest timeline of Harmony Gold’s animated series, titled Robotech: The New Generation". The game offers 15 single player missions and head-to-head online multiplayer, with support for up to eight players on both PS2 online and Xbox Live. There's also a new website up and running. Press 'view related site' to access it.
ROBOTECH: INVASION ENERGY WEAPON PROFILES Gallant H-95 Cyclone armor comes standard with the Gallant H-95 Pistol. With the rifle stock upgrade, the H-95 becomes an automatic weapon. Attaching a sniper scope adds a zoom feature, as well as a much more powerful projectile when zoomed in. Weapon Stats Range: Medium (Long with Sniper Scope attachment) Accuracy: High Magazine Size: 60 rounds Firing Rate: Moderate (Fast with Rifle Stock attachment) Projectile Speed: Fast Reload Time: Quick Strengths • Upgradeable – acquiring the various attachments adds additional functionality to the base H-95 Pistol. • Versatile – good in all combat situations, from close quarters combat to long distance sniping engagements. Weaknesses • Damage – most of the other weapons trump the Gallant when it comes to damage potential. • Clip size – given the firing rate, the Gallant does require reloading fairly frequently. EP-26 Pulse Rifle The low damage of the EP-26 is offset by its ability to fire a charged, homing shot that will stun anything it hits. Just hold the trigger down for a few seconds before letting go for the homing shot. Weapon Stats Range: Long Accuracy: Very High (with homing ability) Magazine Size: 60 rounds Firing Rate: Fast Projectile Speed: Moderate Reload Time: Moderate Strengths • Homing ability – shots aimed slightly off-target will still connect due to the projectile’s ability to track the targeted heat source. • Rate of Fire – rapidly tapping the trigger will yield an all-but-infinite stream of plasma shots. Weaknesses • Damage – the default shot only does a small amount of damage to an incoming target. • Aim Tweaking – since the shots are attracted to the center of the heat source, it can be difficult to precisely aim a shot at an Invid eye. EP-48 Mortar Rifle The slow, arching projectile fired from the EP-48 is extremely powerful, and takes a skilled hand to wield effectively. It may take practice, but you will be a one-man army if you can master the EP-48. Weapon Stats Range: Long Accuracy: Low Magazine Size: 10 rounds Firing Rate: Very Slow Projectile Speed: Slow Reload Time: Very Slow Strengths • Damage – a direct hit with an EP-48 blast will kill almost any foe. • Splash radius – when the EP-48 shot hits the ground, the resulting explosion generates more splash damage than any other weapon projectile. Weaknesses • Ease of Use – given the arching nature of the shots, it can be difficult to anticipate where your shots are going to land. • Reload Time – the EP-48 is a protoculture hog, and it takes a lot of time to completely refill the gun’s internal reservoir. H-109P Destabilizer Little is known about this prototype cannon, other than that it is an important part of REF command’s master plan to remove the Invid from the surface of the Earth. Its tactical utility remains enigmatic and hard to pin down. Weapon Stats Range: unknown Accuracy: unknown (presumably high) Magazine Size: unknown Firing Rate: unknown Projectile Speed: unknown Reload Time: unknown (but ‘slow’ would be a good guess) Strengths • Damage – given its appearance, it’s a good bet that this gun packs a major wallop. • Extra Features – it is rumored that this gun possesses a function that puts it ahead of all other energy weapons previously developed. Weaknesses • Size – this gun is massive, and could weigh down any soldier who carries it. • Clip size – the clip of the gun looks somewhat small. Don’t be surprised if you end up reloading this gun quite often.