Aurora Watching: Gorky Zero Screens #2

Six more screenshots from Aurora Watching: Gorky Zero can now be found in our gallery, showcasing this stealth game in the works at Metropolis Software. Little is known about the game, so in the meantime check the screenshots.
Official sites for Diabolique – License to Sin and Aurora Watching Schanz International Consultants (, exclusive licensing-partner of Metropolis Soft-ware, is very glad to bring you the official websites for forthcoming games of two of their upcoming titles: Diabolique – License To Sin is a 3rd Person Action-Game. Main hero, Dark Eaville, is the best Special Agent, in the service of His Majesty - the Devil. Good and Evil secret agencies are in continuous and endless conflict on Earth since the creation of human beings. It’s a fight for souls now and here! Agents of Good are up to something extraordinarily big. To stop them, Dark Eaville will snipe, sneak, chase enemies in his bloody roadster, race an Amazon boat, and impress you with his every step and action. For more on Diabolique - Aurora Watching is a TPP stealth game. The action takes place in the Arctic. All the locations are situated on the fascinating iceberg, in the laboratory underneath the iceberg and the dangerously flooded Russian submarine. During the mission Sullivan faces many opponents, not all of whom are human and each of which can be defeated in many ways, Mini-games, puzzles, and hi-tech gadgets keep player excited from the very beginning to the end. For more information on Aurora - Both games incorporate RenderWare Physics engine for dynamic mini-games, and high performance human body solution.