Neverwinter Nights v1.64 Patch

Atari and Bioware have issued a new patch for Neverwinter Nights, bringing their 3D RPG and the two expansion packs to v1.64 (check full story for changelog). Thanks: The Patches Scrolls Local Download:
  • Neverwinter Nights v1.64 Patch (76.9 MB)
  • Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark v1.64 Patch (54.3 MB)
  • Neverwinter Nights Shadows of Undrentide v1.64 Patch (71.2 MB)
  • 1.64 Patch Details Note: Each patch contains all the fixes from the previous patches. Previous patch notes can be found here. Patch details for v1.64 English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian Neverwinter Nights Game WARNING! AS OF THIS PATCH, ALL MODULES CREATED/SAVED WITH THE VERSION 1.64 TOOLSET ARE TAGGED AS REQUIRING VERSION 1.64 OR HIGHER OF NEVERWINTER NIGHTS GAME OR TOOLSET. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BRAND YOUR MODULE AS 1.64 THEN DO NOT EDIT YOUR MODULE IN THE VERSION 1.64 TOOLSET. IF YOU WANT TO GO BACK TO 1.62, WE HAVE A 1.64 TO 1.62 PATCH AVAILABLE. Please note: A demo module that lets you check out all the new content is available through the in-game NWUpdate program (or download here). Original Campaign: Fixed an issue with Sharwyn not using her Bard Song ability (this should not affect Sharwyn in HotU). Original Campaign: Chapter 2 - The scene at the Pinnacle of the Host Tower should now always fire properly, no matter what. Original Campaign: Chapter 2 - Lenton isn't as busy as he used to be (you can now talk to him again). Original Campaign: Prelude - Fixed a minor error that could occur under specific circumstances when opening a certain chest. HotU: Chapter 2 - Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when specific spells were active in the Wizard's Tower in Shaori's fell. HotU: Chapter 2 - Fixed an issue with the teleporter to the Grand Hall in Zorvak'Mur, as it wasn't working properly under a specific set of circumstances. HotU: Chapter 3 - Fix to a rare bug in the Windswept Battlefield area where the 'boss' creature wouldn't spawn in properly, which made him somewhat difficult to kill. HotU: Chapter 3 - When the game ends, we now remove the non-droppable (cursed) flag from all items before doing the final export of the character. This is so that when you take the character into another module, you can drop items such as the Relic of the Reaper. If you already have a character who can't get rid of the Relic (or another item), you can do the following (in single player) - in the chat bar, type: ##DebugMode 1 ##runscript nw_itemreset ##DebugMode 0 If you use this script so that you can drop an item which is part of the module you're currently playing, don't be surprised if the game breaks later on (because the module will expect you to have the item). Only use it to get rid of items that have been stuck to your character from other modules. Made some fixes to prevent game/character hacking. Sorry, but we will never publicly discuss specific changes to the game with regards to hacking the game. Added a new ini setting to nwnplayer.ini [Server Options] "Saving Throw Automatic Failure On 1=1". If turned off (0), you will no long fail saving throws on a roll of 1 if your total saving throw with bonuses beats the required DC. Added a new Sub Net Profiling system (which logs bandwidth usage). To activate it, go to nwn.ini and in the [Game Options] section add in "Enable SubNet Profiling=1". A log file called SubNetProfile.log will be created in your root Neverwinter Nights directory once the game/server shuts down. Added new "Max Memory Usage" ini setting to [Game Options] in the nwnplayer.ini file. This allows you to set the amount of available memory (in Megs) that the game will use for caching resources in memory. Adding more memory for the cache may improve performance up to a point, after which increasing the cache size any more most likely wont do much. Your mileage may vary. Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash under certain circumstances when the player entered cutscene mode while their character was able to level up. Fixed an issue that was causing the "Greater Shadow Conjuration Web" spell to have a DC of 127. Should also fix the DC for other spells that also appear on a sub-radial menu. Fixed problem with shifters losing their merged item properties while in shifted form after a server save occurred, and when switching directly from one form to another using the radial menu. Fixed a problem where unpolymorphing could sometimes leave you walking around just fine while you have zero or less hit points. Fixed a bug that could cause some visual effects to be displayed on your character forever. Most often reported occurrence of this problem was the green paint effect from the goblin archers in the HotU official campaign. Fixed some other issues that could cause effects to not be removed properly from a creature. Fixed some issues with the Red Dragon Disciple not getting the proper hit die rolled at level up. Fixed problem with characters becoming illegal if they multiclassed to a wizard, but their intelligence was too low to even cast cantrips. Devastating Critical now works with bows. Fixed a problem with the PaleMaster's Deathless Vigor feat not always giving the correct hit points. Fixed a issue with the hit points displayed on the level-up summary screen if you just took the toughness feat during your level-up. Fixed the dispel magic text message feedback. It wasn't always displaying the correct spell names. Fixed a problem where some quickbar tooltips were not getting cleared properly when the quickslot became empty. The familiar selection screen will no longer display the familiar's current hit points at 0 all the time. The game no longer displays the "Experience Points Gained:" message when the experience points gained was 0. Lootable corpses wont be stripped of items until after the corpse has been looted by a player. Fixed a problem with the wrong message being displayed if you tried to load a module that required one of the expansions packs to use and you didn't have the required expansion pack installed. Fixed a problem with the experience point penalty not always being calculated properly for multiclass characters that had taken a prestige class. Fixed a problem with custom portraits showing up on your party bar as a white box until the player using the portrait entered the same area as you. Fixed a problem with Whirlwind Attack data sometimes being incorrectly sent to players in other areas. Fixed a problem with the Age/Deity information getting lost when you edited an existing character using the "Customize Character" feature. EffectDispelMagicBest() now takes into account the level of the creator of the spell that it is trying to dispel, for determining whether the spell is actually dispelled successfully or not. Fixed item properties "Immunity: Damage Type Positive Energy" and "Immunity: Damage Type Negative Energy" Fixed issue, where if you lost a level and no longer had the required level for an item that you had equipped, your character would become illegal. The item is now unequipped automatically if you don't have the level required to equip it after losing a level. Fixed an issue with non-hostile actions (e.g. rest) getting canceled when someone joins your party. Made some changes so that not all hostile actions (i.e. attacks and spells) get canceled when a someone joins your party. Some hostile actions will still be canceled when someone joins your party (and all attack/spells actions directed against other players) which is the intentional behavior. Fixed a problem with the OnStoreClosed scripts not working in saved games. Fixed a couple of problems that could make your inventory items disappear when opening your inventory. One was related to having a placeable container open and then bringing up other panels (e.g. your spell book) that caused your inventory panel to close. The second involved possessing/unpossessing a familiar while your inventory was open. Hopefully that's the last of the disappearing inventory problems. Fixed a problem where if you saved and reloaded a game while in defensive stance, you could no longer move. Fixed a problem with the remaining number of feat uses for some prestige classes not being calculated correctly when loading a saved game. The Epic Fire Trap item in the standard item palette now has the correct icon. Fixed some saving throw text feedback weirdness with some "On Hit" item properties. Affects Slay Racial Group, Slay Alignment, and Slay Alignment Group item properties. Fixed an issue where clicking "Cancel" in the game options menu wouldn't properly restore your orignal "Hide Secondary Story Tiles" setting. Fixed some issues with head turning. Creatures will no longer turn their heads to look at cutscene invisible players. After going through an area transition, NPCs will now still turn their heads to look at players. Fixed crash caused by calling TriggerProjectileTrap() with SPELL_MELFS_ACID_ARROW specified and oOrigin was a static placeable object. Fixed a problem where clients wouldn't play the spell casting sound if the character casting the spell had the Automatic Silent feat, regardless of the level of the spell that was being cast. Fixed a problem with the "Automatic Still" feat not working correctly with sub-radial spells (e.g. Shadow Conjuration). Fixed a problem with no longer being able to sit in a chair if you had previously destroyed an object while that object was still sitting in the chair. Red Dragon Disciple wings will now be properly removed on level down. The Cloud of Bewilderment scroll item now has the correct description. Added a new ini setting to nwnplayer.ini [Game Options] ClientEntireChatWindowLogging=1 (Defaults to off). Turning this option on will cause all text in the in-game chat window to be logged to the log file (regardless of whether or not you have set certain chat messages to be filtered). Fixed a minor gui scroll bar issue. Fixed a problem where the new Day/Night music track wouldn't play if you used SetTime() to suddenly change the current time of day from Day to Night or from Night to Day. Fixed a problem where "Seamlessly looping" sound effects would not play again after being turned off during a Day/Night transition. Fixed some issues related to logging out of a multiplayer game while possessing a familiar. Fixed some memory leaks. Made some optimizations to the game's resource caching system. Made several game stability fixes. DM Client Added ability for DMs to create items directly inside placeable containers (e.g. chests) using the creator. Choose the item to be created in the creator, and then target a placeable to have the item created directly inside the placeable. If you drag a "Create " item from the creator menu to your quickbar, it will now give you useful tooltips for all your DM Creator Quickbar buttons (this will NOT retroactively add the new tooltips to existing DM quickbar buttons). There are also new quickbar icons for the different major categories (i.e. placeables, items, triggers and encounters). DMs can now move undroppable items between a player's inventory and their own inventory and they can drop undroppable items now too. DMs can now use items on their quickbar while possessing creatures with full powers (i.e. if the item is in the DM's inventory, but not the creature's inventory). DMs can no longer force rest other DMs. DMs can no longer jump other DMs around. Fixed some issues with loading saved games that were saved while a DM was possessing a creature. This could lead to a number of different symptoms such as: DMs getting stuck inside creatures and not being able to unpossess them; DMs not being able to possess creatures that they should be able to possess; creatures disappearing entirely from the saved game; or the server crashing. Disabled the ability to polymorph while possessing a creature, since doing this would wreck your game. If a DM gave more gold to a player than the player could carry, the feedback message was indicating the wrong amount of gold gained. Fixed a bug where you sometimes couldn't drag items onto your quickbar anymore after DM possessing/unpossessing creatures. dMs no longer broadcast "DM uses " messages to other players when using an item in their DM's inventory. If possessing a creature and using an item from the possessed creature's inventory, then a message will still be broadcast as usual stating " uses ". Fixed a minor issue where you could hear the DM's footsteps for a few seconds after they disappeared. Neverwinter Nights Aurora Toolset Added the new SetSkyBox() scripting command. Please look in the toolset for more information. Added GetPhenoType() and SetPhenoType() scripting commands. Added SetFogColor() scripting command The scripting command GetDamageDealtByType() now works with DAMAGE_TYPE_SONIC Clarified function comment for CreateItemOnObject(). Fixed GetCreatureHasTalent(). This scripting command was causing a stack underflow error. Fixed the scripting commands EffectDispelMagicBest() and EffectDispelMagicAll() These scripting commands will now use the passed in nCasterLevel parameter. Also you now no longer need to specify a parameter, in which case these commands will cause the dispel effect to use the level of the creature creating the dispel effect instead. The fixes to these two scripting commands also fixes some existing problems with the Lesser Dispel, Dispel Magic, Greater Dispel and Mordenkainen's Disjunction spells. Fixed crashes caused by using the scripting commands GetFactionBestAC() and GetFactionWorstAC(). Fix to the scripting command DecrementRemainingSpellUses() to make it work correctly with Cleric Domain Spells. Fixed crash caused by calling RetrieveCampaignObject() when the object being retrieved was gold and the gold was being acquired by a creature. Fixed problem with ResistSpell() scripting command not working correctly when used with Cleric Domain spells and sub-radial spells in combination with spell absorption effects. Fixed problem with GetTransitionTarget() scripting command returning a random valid object ID if the destination on the trigger did not exist. It will now return OBJECT_INVALID in this case. Fixed problem with GetObjectByTag() not returning OBJECT_INVALID if you passed in an empty string. Fix to scripting commands ActionCastSpellAtObject() and ActionCastSpellAtLocation() to make them work with sub-radial type spells. Fix to make the GetEffectCreator() scripting command work with effects created through the scripting commands EffectSpellFailure(), EffectTurnResistanceIncrease() and EffectTurnResistanceDecrease(). Fixed value of ACTION_RANDOMWALK constant in nwscript.nss Fixed a problem with the Scripting Wizard used by the Conversation Editor, where it could use an incorrect constant when checking for certain prestige classes. Fixed crash in scripting command GetReputation() when an invalid type of object was passed in. Fix to scripting command GetRacialType() to correctly return RACIAL_TYPE_INVALID when an invalid object or a non-creature object was specified. Fix to the scripting commands GetNearestObjectToLocation() and GetNearestCreatureToLocation() in order to make them more consistently return the nearest object. Fixed a crash related to switching areas after trying to place corridors on top of a group. Scripting-specific Added new GetCutsceneMode() scripting command. Please look in the toolset for more information. Fix to scripting command SetCalendar(). If large Month/Day values were specified, the date wasn't updating correctly. Fixed a problem where the scripting command DestroyCampaignDatabase didn't work as intended for database names with spaces in them. Fixed crash in scripting commands TouchAttack*() that could happen if the caller was a non-creature and oTarget was also a non-creature object. Made a fix to the shifter manticore spike attack, so that it is properly signaled as a hostile action. The shifter's epic gargoyle form now has proper creature items equipped. The shifter/druid epic dragon form has now a more epic creature hide equipped. Fixed a problem where, under certain circumstances, a henchman could not be rehired after removing them from the party with the radial menu option. This would result in the henchman saying they were "here with someone else", when in fact they were not working for someone else. Dwarven Defenders can now take the Two-Weapon Fighting feat. Fixed a small bug with some spells that applied damage to multiple enemies. Fixed a bug with shapeshifting, where item properties on an equipped tower shield would be lost while in shifted form. Fixed a bug with some crafting cost calculations. Fixed a rare issue where it was possible that when being healed at a temple, the Wounding effect would not be removed. Fixed minor bug with monster petrification attacks. Made the Sea Hag's Horrific Appearance ability a "Supernatural" effect Fix to henchman level-up scripting. At very high levels, a certain henchman was not leveling up correctly. Fixed a minor bug that occurred when the player cast resurrection spells on their living henchmen. The spell Phantasmal Killer now respects creatures that are immune to mind-affecting spells a bit better (nw_s0_phankill.nss). The spell Tasha's Hideous Laughter now respects creatures that are immune to mind-affection spells a bit better (x0_s0_laugh.NSS). Fixed a minor bug with the Web spell. Made a fix to the XP2 shapechange feats, so that NPC's are able to use them. Made a fix to tangle traps, so that they use the correct saving throw type. Made a fix to the IPGetHasItemPropertyOnCharacter() function, which is a part of the x2_inc_itemprop.nss include file. Fixed epic-level damage bonus for Divine Wrath ability. Fixed saving-throw-adjusted damage for the Sunbeam spell. Fix to bardsong bonuses, for epic-level bards. Made a fix to the damage calculation on the breath weapon for the epic-level Dragon Shape ability. Fixed a bug with the Magic Vestment spell, where the duration of the visual effect differed from the duration of the actual effect. Druids can now properly scribe Shapechange scrolls. Fixed a bug where the Endurance spell couldn't be scribed. Added spell hook to Endurance spell nw_s0_endurce.nss Fixed the bug where Blackguards' Summon Fiend ability would summon in a Vrock starting at level 10, instead of level 9. Fix to the Shadowdancer ability Shadow Evade - it was not calculating the bonuses properly for Shadowdancers of levels 11 through 14. Fix to the Doom spell. To negate the effects, the target needs to make their saving throw OR resist the spell, they shouldn't need to do both. The Meteor Swarm spell can now be scribed to scrolls. Performed some minor cleanup on a number of character class packages. Fixed a problem with frost and acid_splash traps changing types (IPRP_TRAPCOST.2DA). Made some small optimizations to various portions of the generic scripts. Fixed typo in tde01_edge.2da that caused doorway edge tiles in the dungeon tileset to not be displayed correctly in game. Raised DC's for epic traps, as they were too low previously. Fixed a bug in the ambient animation system (x0_i0_anims). Fixed a bug with the Chain Lightning spell (was not capped properly). Fix to the spell Stinking Cloud, it was not respecting poison immunites correctly. Fixed a problem with creature poison attacks. Fix to Bigby's Crushing Hand and Bigby's Grasping Hand spells. Immunity to paralysis should not make you immune to these spells. Fixed size category for a few appearance types (Pit Fiend, Harpy, Bone Golem, Demon Flesh Golem). The Banishment spell now kills the creature instead of simply destroying the creature object. This is to ensure that the creature's OnDeath event fires properly. Made a fix to the damage cap on the Darkfire spell. Made a fix to the damage healed by the spell Nature's Balance (NW_S0_NatureBal.NSS) Made a fix to the empowered damaged caused by the spell Slay Living (NW_S0_SlayLive.NSS) Undead are no longer immune to the blindness effect from the spell Sun Burst (x0_s0_sunburst.NSS) Fixed some issues with spell mantles stacking when they shouldn't (NW_S0_SpMantle.NSS, NW_S0_LsSpMant.NSS, NW_S0_GrSpMant.NSS). Fixed a problem with the damage calculated for the cloud kill spell (nw_s0_cloudkilla.nss). Fixed the way the BAB increase was being calculated for the spell Divine Power (nw_s0_divpower.nss). Protection from Spells can now be extended properly (nw_s0_prspells.nss). Changed the duration of the spell Magic Weapon to match the in-game description (x2_s0_magcweap.nss). EffectTurned() now creates an effect that is supernatural by default. Call MagicalEffect() on the effect if you want to make it magical again instead. Fixed grapple check for some of the Bigby's spells (x0_s0_bigby3.nss, x0_s0_bigby5.nss). Fire Storm now works correctly when combined with meta magic (nw_s0_firestrm.nss). Removed unnecessary spell hook code from the onenter/onexit/onheartbeat scripts for some AOE spells (nw_s0_invsph*.nss, nw_s0_invpurgea.nss, nw_s0_GhoulTchA.nss, and nw_s0_SilenceB.nss). Made Protection from Good/Evil work properly with the Extend Spell feat (nw_s0_prgood.nss, nw_s0_previl.nss). Removed the 10 round maximum duration for Ray of EnFeeblement, so that it better matches the spell description (NW_S0_rayEnfeeb.nss). Made the Scare spell work properly with the Extend Spell feat (nw_s0_scare.nss). Call lightning now specifies the correct EventSpellCastAt() constant (nw_s0_calllghtn.nss). Corrected the duration of the Remove Fear spell and made it work correctly with the Extend Spell feat (nw_s0_rmvfear.nss). Corrected the duration for the spells IronGuts, Stone Bones and Keen Edge (X2_S0_Ironguts.NSS, x2_s0_stnbones.nss, x2_s0_keenedge.nss). Fixed the damage calculation for the Flame Lash spell to better match the in game description (nw_s0_flmlash.nss). Custom Content Added new column to VisualEffects.2da "OrientWithObject", that will cause the visual effect to take on the orientation of the object that it is attached to. This was previously hard coded for the colored back flags that were used in Contest of Champions, but this functionality is now available for custom created visual effects as well by setting the value in this column to '1'. You will need to update your VisualEffects.2da with the additional column, if you use this 2da in your hack pack. Added a new visualeffects.2da entry for use with tile magic (Row 511) Soundset.2da will now work correctly when placed inside a hak pack. Added support for 8 new custom animation types: ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM3 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM4 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM5 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM6 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM7 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM8 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM9 ANIMATION_LOOPING_CUSTOM10 Note: None of the current BioWare creatures use these new custom animation types, they have been added for use by custom content creators. Added more tile path nodes of types f, g, h, i, j, k and l (lower case L) for custom tile set support. TYPE g TYPE h --------- --------- [ | | | ] [ | ] [ | | | ] [---+-+ ] [-+-+ +-] [----/+-] [ | | | ] [-+ | | ] [ | | | ] [ | | | ] --------- --------- TYPE i TYPE j --------- --------- [---+---] [---+---] [ | ] [ ] [-+ | +-] [-+ +-] [ | ] [ ] [---+---] [---+---] --------- --------- TYPE k TYPE f --------- --------- [ | | | ] [ | | | ] [-+ | | ] [ | | | ] [---+ +-] [-+ + +-] [-+ | | ] [ | | | ] [ | | | ] [ | | | ] --------- --------- TYPE l --------- [ | | | ] [-+ | +-] [---+---] [-+ | +-] [ | | | ] --------- Increased the limit on the number of tilesets that the game can use in a module from 24 to 50. 2DA Files Changed in this Update appearance.2da cls_feat_dwdef.2da cls_feat_sorc.2da des_crft_appear.2da des_crft_scroll.2da iprp_spellcost.2da iprp_trapcost.2da polymorph.2da spells.2da surfacemat.2da visualeffects.2da