Pre-Order Bonus Unveiled for Hatred, New Screens Available

Those who pre-ordered Hatred will not only be able to download the game from Steam on May 29th but most importantly to actually play it
Pre-orders for Hatred are now closed but Destructive Creations announced that all early buyers will be able to launch the game on May 29th - three days before the official release. Hatred is an isometric shooter where player takes the role of a cold blood Antagonist, who is filled with hate against humanity. It's a horror, but here you are the villain. You will wander the outskirts of New York State, seek for victims on seven free-roam levels. You will fight against law enforcement and take a journey into the Antagonist's hateful mind.
Hatred will be available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Czech and Portuguese. The game will be released on June 1st 2015 on Steam and Desura - ten fresh pics found their way in our gallery.