Trackmania Speed-Up! Screens

Digital Jesters sent us the first screenshots from Speed-Up!, showing off some of the new blocks that will appear for the three original settings in this new expansion-pack for Trackmania (the first one is named Power-Up!). A sequl called Sunrise is also in the works and will contain new vehicules that can reach an incredible 400kph, new environments, two new solo modes: Platform and Crazy, an integrated peer-to-peer network for exchanging player creations, fully customisable car skins and player avatars and extensive content support from an existing online community
SUN RISES ON A NEW TRACKMANIA Crazy loop the loops and half-pipe transitions were all in a day’s work for TrackMania, and its expansion pack: TrackMania Power Up. Quickly picked up by a legion of fans, Nadeo’s quirky racer was enjoyed by all who played it. So it is with great pleasure that - at last – Nadeo has given the green light to unveil the sequel to the people’s champion. TrackMania was quietly brilliant. Its quirky, innovative nature, adaptability, simple-to-use track editor and low spec requirements ensured popularity in abundance, with most clamouring to support with their own content contributions. TrackMania Sunrise, the legitimate heir to the throne, is shifting up a gear. Sunrise moves faster, handles better and features improved air-control – vital for making the massive jumps – to ensure that gameplay never moves at anything less than fast. And it’s all about the gameplay. Be AMAZED! As you loop the loop at high speed. Be THRILLED! As you overtake your opponent in a car sporting your custom skin. Be DAZZLED! As the breathtaking new settings leave you in awe. CRY! As your best times for tracks you built yourself are crushed online by a five-year-old from Croatia. Game Characteristics:
  • Exhilarating new vehicles that can reach an incredible 400kph.
  • Stunning new environments to screech around.
  • Two new solo modes: Platform and Crazy.
  • An integrated peer-to-peer network for exchanging player creations.
  • Fully customisable car skins and player avatars.
  • Extensive content support from an existing online community.
  • Minimal tech spec requirements.
  • Really fast cars driving on outrageous tracks in a beautiful setting.
  • To Download the new video or for more information visit: Founded in Sept 2003, Digital Jesters is a new publisher with a fresh attitude. Signing only quality titles, Digital Jesters portfolio consists of Trackmania, Virtual Skipper 3, Savage, Pro Rugby Manager, Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps, and Beyond Divinity. The team has over 30 years experience, and prior to this were responsible for setting up CDV Software’s UK division, generating over £2.5 million in the first 12 months, and breaking in new brands such as Cossacks, Sudden Strike, Divine Divinity and Breed.