Serafina's Crown Joins Steam Greenlight, Trailer/Screens Revealed

The game takes place in the same world as Woodsy Studio's first release, Serafina's Saga
Developed by Woodsy Studio for PC, Mac, and Linux, Serafina's Crown is a fantastical, dramatic visual novel with branching storylines, a stat-based strategy game, and dating-sim elements. In the game, you play as Odell Perin, an inexperienced young woman who must navigate political intrigue, romantic confusion, and an ongoing murder mystery while serving as Regent of Darzia. The branching storylines depend on your decisions: forming romantic relationships with other characters, finding Queen Belatrix's killer, and determining the next monarch. The game also features a dynamic debate system that allows Odell to argue certain points in court based on her accumulated stats.
Serafina's Crown needs your votes on Steam Greenlight here - sixteen screenshots and a video are available.