Combat Arms Servers Merge Announced

Combat Arms goes transatlantic
Nexon Europe and Nexon America have announced they will join forces, beginning Tuesday, 30th June, to merge their services for the free-to-play military first-person shooter Combat Arms. The merge brings together the best features of the European and North American services to enhance the game experience for all players, as well as expand the Combat Arms community across multiple regions to more fully engage players of every skill level.
There will be no interruption of service for current players of Combat Arms in the merged regions, and players will be able to log onto the game as before, through the Nexon launcher and their Nexon accounts, which will not be altered. Additionally, Nexon Europe will be running servers in North America to ensure gameplay continues to run smoothly. All user account functionality, including friendsí lists, clan lists and in-game note histories will be retained.