Live For Speed S1H Patch and Dedicated Server

The LFS Team has released a new patch for Live For Speed, bringing this online racing simulation to version S1H. This update include Italian, Spanish and Turkish translations, adds new online cheat protection system, improves the code for connecting and disconnecting (check full article for changelog). A new batch of screenshots from the upcoming S2 version has been inserted in our gallery. Local Download:
  • Live For Speed S1H Patch Full Install (3.5 MB)
  • Live For Speed S1H Patch (1.3 MB)
  • Live For Speed S1H Dedicated Server (819 KB)
  • Hello Racers... Thanks to thorough testing by the community, patch H is the most reliable version ever. See below for the list of features and improvements. Changes in patch H ---General--- ° Skid marks ° Darker tyres ° Smoke improvements ° Better CPU saving in entry screens ° Included Italian, Spanish and Turkish translations ° No need to type in key to unlock (see note below) ° Virtual clocks moved in when connection list displayed ---Multiplayer--- ° Info message in List of Games ° New online cheat protection system ° Host auto-restarts in the event of a bad timeout error ° Improved the code for connecting and disconnecting ° FIX : Incorrect auto-kick of lagging racers ° FIX : Bugs that could cause an OOS kick after connecting ° FIX : "Can't pit" messages when another racer pitted ° FIX : Bugs causing a multiple OOS kick while racing ° FIX : Dedicated host startup error messages ° FIX : InSim can bind to specified address ° FIX : d3d error when entering multiplayer ° FIX : Bug affecting remote cars accuracy ° FIX : Changing password while online ° FIX : Some rare crashes Note : You still need an S1 license to unlock, and currently you still need to go and "request an unlocking key" at the LFS site, so the master server will let you unlock. But inside LFS there is no box to enter an unlocking key. It only needs your user name and GAME password.